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About us

It is estimated that gout affects 1 to 2% of the world’s population.

In Germany alone, about 950,000 people live with gout. About eight out of ten patients are male. In most cases, the disease does not appear until after the age of 40, and in women usually only after the onset of menopause.


We are an interdicplinary group of affected people from more than 25 countries and languages.


Our goal is to help each other.

If you suffer from gout and know a good home remedy or an excellent natural product that relieves your pain or minimizes it permanently, then let others know about it.

We know from our own experience that not every innate remedy works equally well or badly for everyone, so our goal is to offer a variety of options to operate on, which you then try out yourself and we ask you to share your experiences with us.


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We thank Globamos Inc. for the free provision of the technical infrastructure. This has made this online platform possible and we can connect even more people worldwide.

Maria Klemens & Manfred Henkel

EoHiMa – Electronic Health Information Management