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gout ankle

Do you know all about swollen Ankle causes?

The swelling of the ankles is caused by fluid buildup in the tissues around the area. Edema can be caused by poor circulation. Fluid is trapped between cells. Side effects of medications such as high blood pressure medication can cause it. Arthritis and gout can cause swelling.Gout is a condition where uric acid builds up around the ankles, causing inflammation and swelling. Swelling ankles is…
Borage seeds

What are the Healing Qualities of Borage?

This article explains the healing properties of borage and provides a simple recipe for making an effective remedy to treat many health problems such as anxiety, depression, gallstones (nephrolith), gout, and more. Borage can be grown as an annual or biennial, with a stem that grows to 100 cm in height. The rough hairs cover the branches, leaves, and stems. The leaves have a pleasant,…
shoulder pain

What are Joint Pain Symptoms?

Joint pain can be a sign of many serious and moderate diseases and infections. Sometimes, however, this pain is not a sign of an underlying medical condition. Joint pain, regardless of its cause, can be frustrating and annoying. It can affect the ability to move and efficiency. It can be a problem in any weight bearing joint and can even make it difficult to get…