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Feet On Shoes

What are common Foot Problems?

Consider your feet. You walk all over them, expose their feet to the elements, put them in shoes, and make sure they absorb all the impact of running and walking. It's no surprise that our feet are subject to so much abuse every day. Your local podiatrist is here to help you. These specialists can diagnose any problem and return your useful appendages to full health. These doctors should treat which maladies? Let's take a closer look. A stress fracture…
spoon of baking soda

Should I try Hot or Cold Soaking for Gout Relief?

Which is better for relief of gout pain, hot or cold soaking? There are two ways to relieve pain: ice bag or warm tower. The cold treatment is more common to temporarily numb the nerves and prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. Gout pain is characterized by burning sensations in the big toe. Most patients will soak their entire foot in a bucket of cold ices. This will instantly numb all nerves in the feet.Swollen Foot He will…