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Fresh chopped ginger

What are the best Detox Recipes?

Are you feeling tired, sluggish, and depressed? You might need to take a break and get into a detox bath. A bath can help you relax and can be a great way for you to cleanse your skin. But did you know that detox baths can also cleanse your internal organs? Here are some great detox bath recipes you can try. They are all safe, natural, and easily available at home. This is a great way for your skin to…
hot spring water boiling

Can Bath in Sulphur Springs treat Acne?

There are many hot springs in Vajreshwari, District:Thane Maharashtra-India. The hot springs produce water that almost boils as soon as it reaches the earth's outlets. The small, pond-like formations that have formed around the springs are a result of the constant flow of water. There are many of them. It is yellow-brown in color and has a strong sulphur smell. There are many treatments available for all skin conditions, including acne. It's not a myth, it is true! Modern medical…