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Arthritis refers to painful inflammation of a joint in the body. It can cause stiffness, constant ache, and other symptoms. There are currently over 100 types of arthritis. Studies are constantly discovering new forms. Because of its commonality and a wide range of causes, arthritis is currently the most common chronic condition in North America. It affects more than 46 million people in the US and more than 350 million worldwide. Over a quarter of a million children are affected by arthritis in the United States. Additionally, more than 60% of adults are affected with arthritis.

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It is classified as a “rheumatic disease”, meaning that it is a combination of several conditions, similar in appearance (as well as how it affects the host), but this is where the similarities end. It includes a variety of diseases, each with its own prognosis, complications, and treatment options. While most arthritis symptoms are not severe, many suffer from chronic pain and suffering. Early diagnosis can help to prevent further progression and irreversible damage.

A person must be open to working with their doctor to establish a preventative program that includes lifestyle changes, proper exercise, supplements, rest, and medication (if necessary). Doctors may recommend physical therapy or surgery depending on the severity of the illness. This will help to ease the pain and ensure a long-term, positive outcome. It is highly recommended to keep in touch with your doctor as this will help them monitor your condition and suggest the best treatment options. Orthopedic bracing or joint replacement may be recommended by doctors.

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Herbal remedies and relief via vitamins. Citrus pectin, bromelain, and quercetin have been shown to be effective in killing cancerous cells. They also prevent the growth of diseased or damaged cells. This remedy is also known to alleviate or reduce symptoms of arthritis and other conditions. Pectin has been shown to reduce cholesterol in patients. This could be an indirect effect on arthritis, as it may lower the cholesterol levels of arthritic patients.

There are many factors that can contribute to arthritis. These include weight loss or physical activity (Osteoarthritis), deposition of uric acids crystals in the joints (Gout), Collagen Vascular diseases leading to arthritis (Lupus), and the link between cholesterol, rheumatoid (Rheumatoid). This research focuses on rheumatoid and possible coronary heart disease risk factors. Other genetic risk factors have been investigated recently, including the link between height and Osteoarthritis (by doctor Goncalo Absecasis). However, the undisputed connection between cholesterol and heart disease is one of the most promising.