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Кои череши са полезни при подагра?

Cherry remedies for gout are not the first thing that springs to mind. However, they are one of the most common “home remedies” to help prevent and treat gout. Cherry juice has been used for gout treatment since at least fifty years. In the 1950’s, doctors in Texas noticed that regular consumption of cherries could reduce gout symptoms and increase the time between attacks. It isn’t known if cherries work for everyone or if cherries are only beneficial for certain types of symptoms. Many people have experienced amazing results.


However, not all people have had the same positive experiences. Cherry remedies for gout have anthocyanidins as a sub-class. These flavonoids help to lower uric acid levels and reduce pain levels. Anthocyanidins can also be found in many NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Cherries can reduce uric acids levels, which is vital for treating gout. This is due to anthocyanidins’ property, which decreases the amount of the enzyme xanthine oxidease, which is essential for the formation of uric Acid. The body is unable to produce as much uric acids, so there is less to be accumulated or expelled. Anthocyanidin is what gives cherries their reddish or black color.

Although many fruits and vegetables contain this vibrant ingredient, cherries are the highest in cyanidin. Each 100g of cherries contains approximately 75 mgs of cyanidin. There are also other anthocyanidins, such as pelargonidin or peonidin. Michigan State University’s study found that cherries contain anthocyanidins, which are known to inhibit inflammation and pain and aid in the expulsion uric acid. They could therefore be a valuable natural treatment for gout.


The United States Agricultural Research Service did a smaller study on Bing (sweet) cherries. Although there was no significant impact on inflammation, it was still considered promising. The most important thing to remember about cherries as a treatment for gout is the fact that the body’s uric acid levels will decrease, increasing the chance of relief and reducing the likelihood of gout. This is due to anthocyanidins.

The cherries that have the highest levels of anthocyanidins are the ones to be on the lookout for. It is easy to determine which cherries are best for treating gout. The darker the cherries (darker red or darker black), the more flavonoids they contain. There are many varieties of cherries that can be used to treat gout. Sweet cherries contain more anthocyanidins that sour/tart cherries.

The darker, redder, and blacker varieties have higher levels than the lighter, and the fresher they get, the better. For frozen cherries to be as effective, you will need more anthocyanidins. A half pound (225g) of frozen cherries is required, which would be about 20 cherries. Cherry juice can also be used, provided that it is only pure red or black cherry juice. Gout relief can also be found in dried cherries.