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Can a Low Uric Acid Diet prevent Gout?

Gout can be prevented by a low-uric acid diet. Gout can be prevented by a diet that lowers blood uric acid levels. A diet low in uric acid is actually a diet low in ‘purines. Purines are chemical compounds that naturally occur in our bodies and in a lot of our food. Their task is to convert food into energy. After they are done with their tasks, they break down into uric acid. Excessive levels of uric acids in the blood can cause uric crystals to form in our joints. This can cause inflammation, redness, and severe pain, such as gout.

Low Uric Acid

A low uric diet is actually a low purines diet, since purines are responsible for uric acids. It will be referred to as a low-uric acid diet for simplicity. What is a low-uric acid diet? The real question is what doesn’t constitute a uric acids diet? To put it another way, what foods should I avoid to prevent gout? Anchovies and bouillon, brains.

Consomme, dried legumes. Fish, goose, gravy. Red meat, meat extracts. Mutton, liver, kidneys. Partridge. Poultry (especially turkey), roe. Shrimps, scallops. Shellfish. Sweetbreads. Baker’s yeast. Brewer’s yeast. You must also avoid alcohol, especially beer.

Making Progress

You will be making good progress toward your gout treatment by following the diet guidelines. This uric acid diet is only one part of a comprehensive gout relief plan. There are many factors that can influence your chances of getting gout relief. You may also consider your family history, medical conditions, weight, and body pH. These are all important factors to consider in order to find the best permanent gout treatment for you.

Remember that recurring gout can cause permanent damage to your joints and possibly even damage to your kidneys. The good news is that the work has already been done.


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