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Jak se nestát závislým na lécích proti dně?

Most gout sufferers accept the “death sentence” from their doctors. They state that gout is incurable, and they must continue to take the prescribed medication for the rest. The painkiller is usually the first step. As the condition worsens, the victim experiences more frequent and painful inflammation. The doctor will then prescribe gout-specific drugs like Colchicine, which is an anti-inflammatory drug that is used when the joint is still in pain. If the blood uric acids level is consistently high, Allopurinol will be added to the package.

Pochopme to

This drug must be taken daily to reduce the amount of uric acids produced. The pharmaceutical company that made this drug has seen steady income of millions of dollars. This is because you will likely continue to take it throughout your life. Some people will experience gouty symptoms that get worse over time. In this case, the drug will no longer be able provide pain relief.

Cortisone injection is the only way to relieve the pain. Cortisone, a steroid hormone, is naturally produced by your adrenal gland. It is released when you are under stress and usually stays in the bloodstream for a short time. Gout sufferers should not believe that cortisone can be used to treat pain. Synthetic cortisone can be used as an anti-inflammatory drug. The cortisone shot reduces pain because inflammation is reduced. One cortisone shot can start the effect almost immediately, and it can last for several weeks. Cortisone can be thought to be harmless as it is also produced naturally by your body.

Nežádoucí účinky

Do you know the reason there are so many studies that confirm the negative effects of emotional stress on the body? Cortisone is what’materializes stress’ to nearly every part of the body. Cortisone can be taken in one shot. This is equivalent to two weeks of constant psychological stress.

Here are some side effects of cortisone long-term dependency. The most serious side effect is the weakening immune system. People who live a stressful lifestyle tend to get flu more often. Flu symptoms can be as simple as a runny nose or sneezing for several weeks. This is an indication that their immune system is not working well and they are at greater risk of developing other infections or diseases. You can see how amazing our body’s ecosystem is.

Gout attacks can cause severe pain. You will feel stressed or depressed. This stress will trigger the adrenal gland to produce cortisone to reduce inflammation. You can tolerate the pain and allow your body to heal. But the problem begins when you are unable to wait for the natural anti-inflammatory responses to work and you request an external synthetic injection to speed up your pain relief.


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