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Cup of coffee

Does Coffee help combat Gout?

Gout medical studies have shown that coffee may actually be beneficial in treating gout. These studies are quite interesting because coffee has been long considered to be a drink that should be avoided by people suffering from gout. It is believed that caffeine raises blood uric acids (increased levels of uric acid in the blood) and is the main cause of gout attacks. Gout medical research concluded that the greater the amount of coffee that men consume, the lower their…
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Can Coffee cause Gout Attacks?

You might feel discomfort or pains in certain areas of your body if you suffer from chronic gout. If this is you, then you should reduce or stop drinking coffee. Open Wikipedia, search for "caffeine", then click on another tab and "wikipedia" the word "purine". You will be surprised to see the hidden purine in the caffeine structure if you look at the molecular structures diagrams for both caffeine and purine. Caffeine contributes more purine to your body, and more…