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Wie kann man die Harnsäure natürlich senken?

You’ve come to the right spot if you are looking for ways to lower blood uric acids naturally and what causes them. You’ll learn how to treat high levels of uric acid in the blood and how to reduce them naturally, so you can eliminate gout without the need for expensive medications with side effects. What are the causes of high uric acid levels in the blood? Gout and high levels of uric acid are often linked. They also know that uric acids can form uric crystals. These crystals build up in your joints, especially the big toe.


Gout can cause severe symptoms and pain. Most people don’t realize that the root cause of gout is actually a group of naturally occurring chemical compounds called “purines”. Purines are found in food and in our bodies. They are essential in converting food into energy and our genes to produce protein. Purines are broken down during this process and uric acid is formed. Your kidneys normally process the uric acid that is formed this way and flush it from your body. If your kidneys don’t function well, the excess uric acids can build up in your body and form crystals in your joints. This can cause you agonising pain.

What about medications to lower high levels of uric acid in the blood? Gout is usually treated by doctors with drugs. While some doctors may suggest certain foods to avoid, they will often prescribe drugs to treat gout. You will usually be prescribed drugs to reduce inflammation and pain and drugs to lower acid levels. These drugs work well over time, and the symptoms and pain will eventually go away.


However, side effects can be quite severe and they don’t address the underlying causes, such as lifestyle and diet. Gout can be a chronic condition that causes recurring attacks and permanent damage. How can you naturally lower your uric acid? Many people suffering from gout are turning to natural remedies to lower their uric acid. Gout can be affected by your diet. As you can see, it is purines that are the root cause of your problem. These substances are already present in your body.

However, they can also be found in foods in varying amounts. It makes sense to reduce your intake of high-purine foods if you have gout. Red meat, liver, meat extracts and goose are all things you should avoid. You must avoid alcohol, especially beer, due to its yeast content. You can eat low-fat dairy products, high vitamin C foods, complex carbohydrate (e.g. Breads, cereals and pasta, rice, etc. ), essential fat acids (e.g. Tuna, salmon, eggs, and seeds, among others. ), vegetables (but not peas, asparagus or cauliflower), cherries, blueberries, grapes, and strawberries. Water should be consumed between 2 and 3 liters daily. Water is good for your kidneys and helps flush out excess uric acid. This is especially important during an attack.


These natural remedies are effective in lowering blood levels of high uric acid and relieving gout. These natural methods are very effective but only so far. Gout is a complex condition. People react differently to their environment. Gout can be caused by many factors, including your family history, weight, general health, lifestyle, and medical conditions. Gout attacks can cause permanent damage to your joints and kidneys. You need to first treat the symptoms of gout and then prevent it from coming back.