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Was sind die verschiedenen Symptome von Gicht?

Many people will experience gout symptoms without even realizing it. Gout symptoms can be easily attributed to your lifestyle, work, or emotional stress. Gout is often thought to be a problem that only older people have. This is false. Gout affects many people regardless of their age and gender. How can you tell if you have gout symptoms? Gout usually starts with a sudden sensation of a red hot, swollen feeling in the joint. This is most commonly experienced in the large toe.


However, it is possible for other joints to experience the same symptoms. Some people feel so much pain that even touching their large toes with a sheet can cause severe discomfort. Gout is found at the base of the large toe. This is called podagra. Gout attacks will eventually disappear, even if you don’t take any medication. After one to two weeks, the episodes will stop.

The swelling and pain also cease. Gout often appears at the exact same spot as your first gout attack. Gout episodes get more frequent with time.


Gout attacks usually last for one week. They affect only one area or joint. The next round can affect multiple joints simultaneously. Crystals can also form outside of joints. These crystals are called tophi and can be found in the earlobes or elbow. These tophi aren’t usually painful, but can be a sign that you have gout. You can remove the crystal formations and examine them microscopically.

Gout attacks usually occur at night. The synovial fluid responsible for cleaning your joints isn’t flowing properly to remove the excess debris. This causes uric acid crystals, which can cause severe discomfort and swelling. Gout is a condition where you wake up feeling numb and irritable. Gout is a condition that can be treated by a doctor if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. If you are still unsure if you have gout, it is important to visit your doctor to be diagnosed and receive proper treatment.


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