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Was sind Mythen und Fakten über Gicht?

Many myths about gout are being spread online via various websites. Some of these myths are false and you will not be cured if you follow the prescribed remedies. Continue reading to learn about many gout myths. Gout does not require any special treatment. It will disappear by itself. Gout may temporarily subside in some cases, but in most cases it will not. After a brief break, the symptoms quickly return with twice the intensity. Gout symptoms can be treated by a doctor. Gout medications can help prevent future recurrences and help you manage your pain.

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Natural/herbal Gout remedies work better than prescription drugs. Gout drugs are often based on herbs and plants. Colchicine, a Gout drug, is made from an extract from the autumn crocus flowers. Colchicine can cause side effects if it is not taken under professional supervision.

Natural medicines should only be used with care and monitoring. Otherwise, there may be complications. Gout is caused by an overproduction of uric acid. Treating this cause will help to manage Gout attacks. Gout affects only the big toe. Gout can be seen in the small joint of your big toe. This could be because it is subject to more pressure than other joints.

Gout can also affect other joints, such as the wrist, ankle and fingers. This makes it very painful and uncomfortable. Gout can also be treated with cherries. Fact: Cherries, like other berries, are rich in vitamins and minerals. They also contain a small amount of fats. However, they have some anti-inflammatory and anti swelling properties. This myth, however, is not supported by any scientific or medical evidence. It will not cure your Gout.

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Being overweight is not a sign of Gout. Fact: Being overweight is linked to hyperuricemia (a condition in which your body produces too much uric acid). It is important to lose weight if you are overweight to decrease the risk of developing Gout.