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Was sind die Geheimnisse der Behandlung von Gicht?

Gout pain can only be treated with painkillers, let’s face it. There are simple remedies that can reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling in a matter of days. Imagine being able to go to sleep all night. Imagine walking normally, not feeling like you are slipping every step. Imagine treating every gout attack. All you need to do is know why you have gout, and how to flush it from your body. Here’s a quick lesson on gout and how you can treat it. Gout is a condition that causes pain. Gout is the most severe type of arthritis. It is also the easiest to treat.


Gout is most commonly caused by needle-like crystals made of uric acid that form in the body’s connective tissues or lodge in the space between the bones (joints). This happens when your body breaks down food into both necessary and unneeded components. Although purines are a great help for the body, once they have finished their job, they must be removed from the body as uric acid. Most people don’t flush their bodies as nature intended.

Gout is the result. How can I treat gout? Gout is technically incurable. Gout’s symptoms include heat, pain and stiffness. This can be done by flushing out the uric acids that is currently in your bloodstream. If you have the right tools, your body can heal itself. Gout treatment requires flushing.

Home Treatment

  • One remedy for gout is a glass water. Actually, you should drink 12 glasses of water. Gout sufferers should drink at least 10-12 glasses of fluids daily. Water is good for treating uric acid. Gout can be treated by reducing the amount of uric acid you flush out.
  • Vitamin therapy is often recommended by natural health professionals for gout. Vitamin C is a common vitamin recommended by most doctors. It boosts your immune system and lowers your uric acid. During an attack, we recommend taking 1,000mg.
  • It can also help to soak your toes in warm water. Warm water and apple cider vinegar can be used to soak your feet. This remedy is centuries-old, but it works well during an attack.
  • Gout-free diets are also highly recommended. Also, it is important to learn about foods that can cause gout or flush uric acid. It is important to first learn about foods high in purines. You should also consume at least 6 fruits and vegetables per day to benefit from their flushing properties.
  • During an attack, we recommend that you use a simple natural remedy for gout.


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