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Wodurch wird ein hoher Harnsäurespiegel verursacht?

Gout is a serious condition that affects many people. Gout is becoming more common because of the many risk factors, such as obesity, hypertension, and poor dietary habits. Not everyone is aware of what causes gout. Gout does not develop suddenly. Gout develops slowly over time. High levels of uric acid in the body are the precursor to this disease. Hyperuricemia refers to a condition where the blood uric acid levels are too high. This condition can be caused by two main, interrelated causes.


It occurs when the kidneys, the body’s main uric acid sweeper become less efficient at excreting uric acids from the body through urine. This can be due to an underlying disease or injury to the kidneys. The body becomes too full from the amount of purine it consumes. This occurs when the body’s already high levels of purine are combined with the extra intake from our diet. When purine is broken down, it is converted into uric acid. This is what causes the higher levels of uric acid.

How does this affect the body? High levels of uric acid can cause them to not be dissolved in the blood. They can form large residues or sediments in your blood. The kidneys have to work harder to remove them. This becomes difficult when high levels of urine acid build up and form urate crystals. They can lodge in the synovial spaces or space between joints. These crystals are then considered foreign materials by the body.

Was ist zu tun?

To get rid of the urate crystallines, inflammation is activated. Inflammation causes inflammation, which can cause swelling, redness and heat, as well as pain at the affected area. They are not easy to dissolve so the inflammatory process is repeated. This condition is now known as gout. How can I prevent gout? Controlling high levels of uric acid in the body is key to gout prevention. You must first make sure your kidneys are healthy.

You should be very careful about the medications you are taking. You should also be careful about how much purine-containing food you eat. It is crucial to follow a gout diet in order to prevent gout from getting worse. You must remember that the effectiveness and duration of your gout diet will be affected by how much time you spend on it. You can achieve better results by following a gout diet as soon as possible.