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Welche Lebensmittel sollten Sie essen, um Gicht loszuwerden?

You want to know which foods can be eaten to treat gout? This article will help you identify which foods you can eat and what foods to avoid in order eliminate gout due to high uric acid. It is important to understand why diet is so important in stopping your gout from returning. Gout sufferers must be careful not to increase their already high levels of urine acid. Certain foods can do this. Gout is caused when your blood levels are high. This causes crystals to form in your joints. The most common culprit is the big toe.


Anything that can increase your uric acid levels should be avoided. “Purines” are chemical compounds that are broken down in our cells to create uric acid. These compounds are also found in a lot of our food, but in varying amounts. Your kidneys normally remove most of the uric acids from your body. This leaves us with normal levels. Sometimes, however, your kidneys fail to flush enough. Sometimes, too much uric acids is being produced. Whatever the reason, the result is much higher than normal. To eliminate gout, you need to lower your levels.

You need to not only lower them but also keep them down so you don’t get recurring gout attacks. This is a crucial goal because recurring attacks can cause permanent joint damage and even kidney damage. Prescription drugs may be helpful, but they must be used over the long-term. Your levels can rise if you stop taking them. These drugs (e.g. Allopurinol can’t treat the root cause of your gout. Many gout sufferers take them for their entire lives.

Natürliche Heilmittel

Gout sufferers are turning to natural remedies instead. Your diet is a key factor in your gout. The majority of Western diets are high in animal protein. High levels of protein are associated with high levels purines. High levels of purines will result in more uric acid being produced. Gout sufferers should switch to a low-purine diet in order to eliminate the condition. Avoid foods such as venison, game and beef, gravies, pork offal, bacon, certain fish (mackerel herring, anchovies or sardines), poultry (especially turkey), certain beans, peas, and some vegetables (e.g. Lentils, oatmeal, cauliflower, asparagus, mushrooms, lentils, and other foods should be avoided.

Also, avoid alcohol. Many foods are safe to eat because they have low levels of purine. These include essential fatty acids, such as. Flax seed, nuts, salmon, tuna, and complex carbohydrates (cereals rice, pastas green leafy vegetables, cabbages, kale, parsley), as well as foods high in vitamin C (red cabbages, potatoes, red bell peppers oranges, mandarins and tangerines). Low fat dairy products, as well as selected fruits such as cherries, strawberries, and pears, are also available. Your diet must be balanced to ensure you get the correct amount of protein.


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