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Was ist Hyperurikämie?

You are told by someone that your 40-year-old brother has gout. You respond by asking “What is gout?” Gout is a type of arthritis that results from a defect in the body’s normal function in handling certain chemical substances. Uric acid is one example of a chemical substance that can be produced by the body’s digestion process. This substance is easily eliminated by the kidneys. People with gout are more likely to experience slow elimination. This means that the amount of uric acid that remains in the body’s fluids can be higher than usual.


It refers to excess uric acid found in the body’s fluids. Hyperuricemia is more common in men than it is in women. Hyperuricemia is more common in men than in women. They don’t usually experience any symptoms, so they may not be aware of the condition. However, there are some complications that can be experienced by those with hyperuricemia. Hyperuricemia can lead to complications in 0.3% of people.

Acute gouty arthritis is a form of hyperuricemia that affects the joints. Another is called ‘tophaceous-gout’. This condition is characterized by crystal-like uric acids that form mostly in the joints. Another possibility is the formation of kidney stones (or crystals of uric acids). A fourth possibility is ‘gouty renal disease’, in which the kidneys no longer function as they should.


It can occur suddenly. If left untreated, each episode can last for several weeks. The person may feel intense pain in one joint at the beginning. The affected joint may become extremely delicate and swollen and the skin around it will glow red. Attacks can occur in succession, getting more severe with each subsequent occurrence, and becoming shorter in between. The most common affected areas are the joints of the hands, knees and fingers. Tophaceous gout is characterized by frequent recurrences.

Uric acid crystal deposits, also known as tophi, are found in the tissues around the joints. These deposits cause the body’s tissues to react in a similar way to how the immune system responds to foreign bodies. If the problem is not treated, the affected tissues will be damaged.


Experts suggest several steps that a person suffering from hyperuricemia should take to prevent complications such as gout. If the person is diagnosed with hyperuricemia, they can be put through a program that focuses on lowering uric acids in their bodies.

This includes avoiding meats and animal fats, which are known to increase uric acids in the body. Other safe, effective and natural remedies are also available that can provide instant relief from gout. There is an effective, safe and natural remedy that can provide instant relief from the complications of gout. Instant Relief for Gout: The Ultimate Instant Gout Report.