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Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Gicht und Pseudogicht?

Pseudogout, a less well-known disease, has similar symptoms to gout. It is a type of arthritis that attacks suddenly, causing painful swelling and inflammation in your joints. Gout is caused by too much urid acid in your body. This causes crystallization which forms a type o monosodium-urate crystals. Pseudogout, on the other hand, is caused by calcium pyrophosphate crystals forming in the synovial fluid. Pseudogout, also known as Calcium Pyprophosphate Disease (CPPD), is sometimes referred to. The type of crystal deposits is what distinguishes between gout or CPPD.

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Gout is more common than CPPD due to the large number of cases. This is why pseudogout, which literally means “false gout”, is so popular. Pseudogout is most common in those over 50. One interesting fact about pseudogout is that it tends to attack women more often than gout. However, gout is more prevalent in men and more than 90 percent of cases. Gout and pseudogout can sometimes co-exist, according to reports.

Both types of crystals can sometimes be found in the same joint fluid. Researchers also found that cartilage becomes more calcified if both types of deposits are present in a joint. Gout can be diagnosed by looking at the symptoms and confirming the uric acids level in the blood test report.


However, there are some cases when gout attacks those with healthy levels. X-ray is the best way to determine if a patient has CPPD. There is no direct correlation between pseudogout and any elements in the blood test. This is because pseudogout, a type calcification known as chondocalcinosis, and calcium compound deposits are visible on X-ray films.

Examining the synovial fluid at the joint can help you distinguish between pseudogout and gout. The calcium pyrophosphate crystals are easily identified using a polarizing microscope. Both types of crystals have a very different chemical structure.


The treatments for pseudogout work the same as those for gout. Because both cases have the same immune reactions that cause inflammation, pain, and pain, regardless of the crystal trigger it.

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