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Do Cherries Stop Gout Pain?

Many people are interested in learning more about cherries and gout. While cherries can help prevent gout, the tiny red fruit is not for everyone. Therefore, results may vary. It’s important to set realistic expectations for anyone suffering from this painful condition. Flavonoids are the main ingredients in Montmorency tart cherry juice. Flavonoids are responsible for reducing the body’s uric acid levels. Gout is caused by excessive levels of uric acids. Over time, the uric acid crystallizes and these crystals are heavier than blood carrying them. They then begin to form deposits.

Let’s understand it

Gravitation causes these heavy deposits to accumulate in the lower areas of the body, particularly between the big toe joints. This is because the space between the big and little toes is the largest in the body. How did cherries become a gout fighter champion? In the 1950’s, the first modern study was published. Dr. Ludwig Blau published his first study on the gout-fighting abilities of the tart cherry. The good doctor was so sick with gout that he was forced to use a wheelchair for several days.

A friend suggested cherries to him. Within a week, his pain disappeared. He was so thrilled about his experience, he conducted a study with 12 gout sufferers. Each day of his clinical study, the participants ate a pound of cherries and drank a glass tart cherry juice. The published results show that the individuals’ uric acid levels have returned to pre-gout levels. The test subjects also reported an increase in range and pain that almost disappeared.

Natural Treatment

Gout can be treated naturally, as it is caused by high levels of uric acids in the body. Get 8-10 glasses of water daily. This will help your kidneys flush out excess amounts of uric acid. Reduce uric acid intake. These foods will reduce your chances of having an attack.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, fruit juices and potatoes are all good options. Lose at most 5 pounds Avoid high-uric acid foods such as kidneys, brains and mushrooms. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Cherry juice, as mentioned in this article is a good start to fight this painful disease. For some, however, it may not be enough. Non-steroidial antiinflammatory drugs are another option. Individuals should consult their doctor before taking any of these medications. If you are looking for natural remedies, tart cherry juice concentrate may be a good option.