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Does boswellia help gout?

The Boswellia genus includes about twenty tree species. Growing in Africa or Asia, these trees all have one thing in common: their aromatic resin is harvested to produce incense.

When we talk about boswellia in phytotherapy, we are referring more specifically to boswellia serrata, which is native to India.

Used in India for over 4000 years, boswellia and its consumption are gradually developing in Europe. Although it is an incense tree, it is also used for its medicinal properties as it is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and painkiller. To such an extent that it is now considered one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatories, alongside turmeric, ginger or moringa. It is most often consumed in the form of a food supplement (tablets, capsules, powder).

Indeed, scientific research has largely contributed to the development and popularity of boswellia. It is a remarkable anti-inflammatory but also a powerful painkiller thanks to its analgesic properties. It increases the pain tolerance threshold.

Boswellia serrata is a natural remedy very effective in relieving gout symptoms.

It is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that can be used to treat pain conditions such as arthritis and gout. This herb protects your joints by keeping inflammatory cells out of damaged joint tissue. It reduces the inflammation caused by crystals.

Although the herb does not directly affect the uric acids crystals, it can reduce inflammation. The inflammation is the main cause of arthritis and gout pain. Therefore, reducing inflammation can be a significant relief.


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