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Does Gout cause Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are something that everyone fears. They’re something you don’t want to get on your own. But a reckless lifestyle can lead you there very quickly. If you don’t make the necessary steps to ensure a healthy lifestyle, you could end up with kidney stones. It is important to understand the causes and what you can do about it. Gout and kidney stones are often questioned. It is important to be aware of the details and understand the relationship.

Kidney Stones

Gout can cause kidney stones, or at least contribute to the development of the condition in otherwise healthy people. It’s not that gout causes kidney stones. Instead, the same factors that cause gout can also lead to kidney stones developing in your body. Gout is caused when your bloodstream has an increased amount of uric acid.

When it reaches certain joints of your body, it crystallizes. These small crystal shards can pinch into your muscles and cause you pain and discomfort. There’s more to it that you might initially think. Uric acid crystallizes in your joints and the same thing happens when it reaches the kidneys.


Due to the environment that the kidneys provide, the crystals within the kidneys eventually form into larger formations and eventually lead to kidney stones. It’s a closed loop. One of the most important things to prevent gout developing in your body is to keep your kidneys healthy. They are partly responsible for processing uric acid. How do you get this process started? It’s quite simple.

You must live a healthy lifestyle, to prevent any serious health problems from developing. Your internal organs are very important. Pay attention to your liver and kidneys. Change your diet and focus on healthier foods. If you feel the need, you may be able to get more exercise. In general, you should do everything you can to keep your body in top shape.


If the problem becomes too severe, you can turn to medication. Although you don’t have the right to take medication, it’s a good idea to temporarily treat high uric acids. As long as you don’t become dependent on these medications too much, you can still live a healthy lifestyle.


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