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Does High Uric Acid damage my Life?

Every day, billions of cells in the body die. These dead cells must be destroyed for disposal. The process of breaking down DNAs produces large amounts of purines, which must be sent to liver for uric acid degradation and then to the kidneys for disposal as urine. This purine and uric acids disposal cycle should be fine for healthy people for as long as they live. However, since the advent of rapid development, our diet and lifestyle have changed drastically and caused many forms of internal body pollution.

Body Pollution

The symptoms of illness are the only way to notice the effects of internal body pollution. Gout is the mildest, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer are the more serious. The high amount of synthetic chemicals that you have taken over time has greatly burdened your kidneys. One day, these organs will not be able to handle the purine disposal task and cause high levels of uric acid buildup in the blood. The synovial fluid in your joints is a popular hiding place for excess uric acids. Urate crystals form when the concentration of uric acids reaches a saturation point.

These tiny urate crystals can slowly cause damage to the joints’ internal surfaces, causing severe inflammation and pain known as gout. Gouty inflammation can cause severe pain. Even a slight blow of wind can send a surge of pain into the brain. A slight bump on the skin can cause severe pain.

Gout Pain

Gout pain is so terrible that words cannot describe it. Only those who have experienced a gout attack will understand how horrible it can be. Gout can severely impact a person’s work and social life. He can’t wear shoes and sometimes can’t even stand properly with a walking stick. A gentle touch on the floor of a swollen ankle can cause it to scream in pain.

How do you get to work when your feet are sore? Imagine the pain and sadness your loved ones feel when you are in pain. The pain can only be exacerbated by the fact that doctors prescribe gout medications that don’t work. Gout sufferers often feel depressed because the gouty nightmare seems endless.


Gout can be managed and even reversed if you know how to lower the body’s high uric acid levels. Over a long time, high blood uric acid or hyperuricemia can lead to serious health problems. Hyperuricemia can eventually lead to the formation uric acid crystals, which will trigger the gout flare. If high levels of uric acid are not properly managed, it can eventually cause severe damage to the kidneys and joints.


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