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¿Cómo curar las enfermedades pancreáticas?

This article will focus on how Healing Mineral Water can be used to treat pancreatic disease. American medical professionals and the public are not aware of the Healing Mineral Water’s properties. North Americans often think of mineral water only as something to have with meals or as a snack. Healing Mineral Water is more than just something to drink when you feel thirsty. This water is a “magical” water that has healing properties for many chronic conditions. It can also be used for health maintenance. This water has been used by European scientists and doctors for centuries. Water was 100 years ago the only way to treat obesity, diabetes, gout and other liver problems. It continues to be an important alternative therapy for these chronic diseases.

Mineral Water

Healing Mineral Water is the only mineral supplement on the planet. The research on this water started over 500 years ago. There have been hundreds of articles and clinical texts that describe the positive effects of this water on animals and humans. Water was so beneficial that it was possible to make salt from the thermal spring water. The cheapest way to distribute water around the world was discovered in 1764. Czech doctors discovered that water made from the mineral spring salt had the same healing properties as the spring. Understanding the structure and function of the pancreas is necessary to understand how this water works on pancreatic disease.

The pancreas, an elongated, tapered gland located behind the stomach in the loop that forms the duodenum, is located at the back of your abdomen. It secretes digestive enzymes into its duodenum, and hormones such as insulin into the bloodstream. The main pancreatic tube is formed by the pancreatic cells, which secrete digestive enzymes through a network of ducts. This duct joins the common bile and liver ducts to form a small cavity which opens into the duodenum. The Sphincter of Oddi, a muscle valve, is located at the opening. It controls secretions from the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder into small intestine duodenum.

Pancreas Health

Pancreatic duct pressure can be increased by a back-up of pancreatic fluids due to spasms or valve blocks. The pancreatic digestive enzymes become trapped inside the pancreatic cells, causing inflammation, pain, cysts, and eventually death. Pancreatitis can develop in both acute and chronic conditions. Blockage of the Sphincter Of Oddi can be caused by hard-to-expel bile, large and small gallbladder stones, inflammation, and trauma to bile ducts. Stress, fatty foods, alcohol, smoking, and stress can all cause valve spasms. The pH of the pancreatic liquid is alkaline because the digestive enzymes can only be activated in an alkaline environment.

The pancreatic fluid is usually rich in minerals and bicarbonates, which helps maintain an alkaline environment. The fluids can become swollen, inflamed, or damaged if they lose their alkalinity. This can lead to valve spasms, and blockages. Since centuries, Karlovy Vary water from the Genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt has been used by Europeans as a natural treatment for Chronic Pancreatitis. The Karlovy Vary water has many positive benefits. It contains a beneficial complex of potassium, sodium and magnesium, as well as bicarbonates and chlorides. There are also trace minerals like zinc, cobalt and selenium.

¿Lo sabías?

European doctors believe that the water’s most important actions are to increase production and flow of bile and open the Sphincter Of Oddi, decrease pressure in the pancreas, and to reduce pressure. The Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water provides the pancreas minerals and bicarbonates that are the main ingredients in the pancreatic fluids. The water regulates the digestion process in the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and promotes the production and release of digestive hormones.

Digestive hormones communicate to the pancreas how much enzymes and bicarbonate are needed to digest protein, sugars, and lipids from the stomach into their duodenum. Karlovy Vary water, made from Genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt, is a non-drug treatment for chronic pancreatitis. This article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the advice, diagnosis, and treatment of a licensed professional.

Greater Burdock

Greater burdock can grow to a height between 80 and 180 centimeters. The root is thick, juicy, and branched. The hairs cover the branched stem. Composite florescences of violet rosy blooms have a diameter between 3-3.5 cm and 3-3/4 cm. The covering leaves are linear and narrow. The herb blooms between July and August. The fruits are long and have variegated hairs. Greater burdock can also be found near fields, roadsides and weedy areas. It is grown in France, Japan, China, and the USA. The root and leaves should be collected. The leaves should be taken in June and July. The roots should be taken at the end or early spring of the second growing season.

  • It is known that the structure of greater burdock roots and leaves has been well studied. They are rich in terpenoids and triterpenes, taraksasterols, palmitic acid, ascorbic acids (in leaves), lactones, mucilaginous compounds, sugars, and other biologically active substances. Root also contains essential oil, inulin (upto 45 percent), and proteins (approximately twelve percent). Flavonoids are also found in leaves.
  • It has diuretic properties. It stimulates appetite, improves metabolism, and heals the skin. 3. Inulin is responsible to the liver’s increased glycogen accumulation, stimulation of the activity proteolytic ferments and improved insulin production in the pancreas.
  • The plant’s remedies increase sweating and diuresis. They also stimulate bile secretion. The herb has been shown to increase appetite and facilitate the exchange of minerals substances. You can make a decoction or infusion with greater burdock. To make the infusion, or decoction, boil a cup of water and add a tablespoon of the herb. In three equal portions, consume 500ml of the decoction in a single day. Three times daily, you should use liquid extract (1:1 with ethanol at 25 percent). Two to eight millilitres should be sufficient for one dose of the remedy. Three times daily, you should consume 8-12 millilitres (proportion 1:10 with ethanol).
  • The leaves have bactericidal properties. Greater burdock leaves can be used to treat psychogenic lack of appetite, cystitis and skin rashes.
  • Greater burdock remedies can be used to treat kidney diseases, gastritis and diseases of the urinary bladder, gallstones or ulcer diseases, metabolic disorders as well as gout, rheumatism, and other conditions.


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