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Shilajit or shilajeet

What are the Health Benefits of Shilajit?

I had never heard of mineral pitches until recently. It is a tar-like substance made from concentrated prehistoric plant material that was covered by the Himalayas during their formation due to tectonic plates colliding. They also swallowed an ancient sea, whose waters evaporated over time, leaving behind traces in the form Himalayan salt. A local book seller told me that he had problems with his hand, which was becoming a claw, and that he couldn't straighten them. He sought advice…
Traditional Japanese wakame salad

What is Healthy Weight Loss?

The human body is a machine. It needs energy to function. Calories are the energy that is needed to function. However, many people ingest more calories than they are capable of burning. This is often due to sedentary lifestyles and not enough exercise. This leads to us gaining weight. Many people are desperate to lose weight. They will often resort to fad diets that only work for a short time and can cause serious health problems. If you want to…
Alternative medicine

How to find safe Healthy Supplements?

There are many health shops and health sections in supermarkets that offer a variety of health supplements. It is important to be cautious. All health supplements are not created equal. Many are made in a laboratory. This allows the supplement to be both isolated (such as vitamin C or iron) and synthetic. Your body was not designed to use either synthetic or isolated nutrients. Your body evolved to efficiently process and use nutrients found in complex substances called food. All…