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Knee pain

How to get Knee Pain Relief?

You are not the only one suffering from knee pain. According to statistics, almost one third of Americans over 45 experience pain in their knees. It is also a common reason people visit their doctor or go to the emergency room to get treatment. There are many reasons why people experience knee pain. Excessive body weight: Keep your weight within the healthy range for your age and height. Obesity or being overweight can cause increased stress to your knee joints.…
drinking red wine

How to ease the Pain from Gout Knee?

Gout knee pain is one of the most painful conditions that a person could experience. Gout is simply a condition where there is too much of the uric acid in the body. This causes a buildup of fluid in the joint. Gout can affect any joint in your body, but the most common areas for pain buildup are the ankle, big foot, and knee. Gout is a medical condition that can be treated. Gout knees can be treated by changing…