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Smiling woman exercising

¿Qué hay que saber sobre la Pilatesterapia?

Both physical therapy and Pilates are great options for body strengthening. They work well together and can stand on their merits. Combining Pilates therapy with regular Pilates work in a rehabilitation setting can provide a powerful combination to improve your body's appearance and speed up your healing process. This combination is your best chance to be healthier and fitter. First, let's learn a bit about Pilates and physical therapy to fully appreciate the benefits of this dynamic duo. In the…
Knee pain

How to get Knee Pain Relief?

You are not the only one suffering from knee pain. According to statistics, almost one third of Americans over 45 experience pain in their knees. It is also a common reason people visit their doctor or go to the emergency room to get treatment. There are many reasons why people experience knee pain. Excessive body weight: Keep your weight within the healthy range for your age and height. Obesity or being overweight can cause increased stress to your knee joints.…