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¿Cómo comer pescado de forma correcta?

Fish is a popular choice for many people because of its delicious taste and high nutritional content. There are many ways to eat fish nowadays. But not all of the different eating options are good for your health. Even worse, improper eating habits can seriously harm your health. Here are some ways to avoid eating fish. Many people believe fresh fish is better for our health so they prefer to kill live fish to cook and then eat. This eating style is not healthy. No matter if the fish is wild or domestic, all live fishes have toxic substances. The toxic substances cannot be eliminated if a live fish is killed to be eaten. Additionally, the protein in fish cannot be completely decomposed which can cause problems with the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients.

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When buying live fish, it is important to keep them in clean water for at least one or two days. The dead fish should be placed in clean water for approximately one hour after being killed. This will help to reduce toxic substances’ harmful effects and volatilize any remaining toxins. Many people love raw fish filets. Raw fish filets can cause liver cancer and distomatosis. Medical experts have determined that distomatosis can be caused by parasitic diseases such as liver cancer. It can be contracted by eating unripe or raw fish, shrimps containing live bladderworms, and shrimps containing liver flukes.

Distomatosis symptoms include tiredness, indigestion and dizziness. Many people believe that liver flukes can easily be caused by raw fish filets being mixed with sauce and vinegar. They can be killed by ordinary spices such as vinegar and alcohol. People should avoid eating raw fish filets. Many people prefer to eat dishes that don’t include any staple foods in order to lose weight. People also eat fish during limosis. This type of eating is dangerous and can lead to gout. Gout is caused when blood uric acid rises and tissues are damaged by purine metabolism. The majority of fishes contain purine, and excessive purine intake can lead to an imbalance of acid-base. Some foods, such as taro, should be eaten before eating fish.

Potato Benefits

I cited earlier examples of studies showing Vitamin C can lower uric acid levels (UA), which is the goal of all gout treatments, whether they are pharmaceuticals or natural remedies. The target uric acid level for men is 6mg/dL, and slightly lower for women. This is the lowest level at which MSU crystals that are mainly made from uric acid can dissolve and be removed. There are no guarantees that this will occur at this uric acid level. According to the most recent studies, 500mg of Vitamin C daily could result in a lowering of uric acid levels of around 10%. Although this is unlikely to be sufficient to bring UA levels down below the target, it is helpful.

As a dietary supplement, you can easily purchase this amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is without doubt the most well-known and widely available vitamin in the world. It is also one of the most affordable. Vitamin C was also suggested by Dr. Robert Atkins, the founder of the Atkins Diet. Uric acid is a major antioxidant in the body and antioxidants reduce free radicals. Free radical production is what causes excess uric acid to be produced. So, give your body more antioxidants to reduce the need to produce excess uric acid. This is not the purine theory. It is important to note that not all gout sufferers have excess uric acid, but most do. It is important to reduce uric acid if you have gout. Vitamins are best obtained from natural sources. This means fresh foods.

Vitamina C

How easy is it to consume at least 500mg of Vitamin C each day? Add the following list together to get 500mg daily. Source figures are from the USDA’s (United States Department of Agriculture), National Nutrient Database Release SR20. Except where noted, serving size is 1 cup; raw foods only (except for peas); foods with added Vitamin C exempt; doesn’t account any other varieties, countries or regions of origin; climate when production was completed and other variables; figures are rounded to whole numbers. It’s the whole picture, if you wish. Vitamin C amounts are listed in mg Note that the potato is very popular. One baked potato 202g size: 19 mg.

The amount of vitamin C in fruits, if one whole or other fruit is the serving size: 1 papaya, 70 mg, 1 red chili pepper 65mg; 1 orange, 43 mg; 100g limes, 29 mg. Here are some surprises. It is difficult to summarize a daily diet for everyone who reads this article. Drinking plenty of orange juice is the easiest and fastest way to get 500 mg per day. These fruits and vegetables are a good way to get 500 mg daily. Because of their flavonoid and anthocyanidins, berries are a great food for gout sufferers. These antioxidants boost general health, which is very important for gout sufferers.

Gout sufferers should be careful about strawberries. Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778), a Swedish botanist, stated that a diet consisting of only strawberries had healed his gout. Linnaeus, a botanist, has added weight due to his linkage between vitamin C and gout. He probably knew a lot more about strawberries than he realized. You shouldn’t eat only strawberries. This is a crash diet, which can cause gout and make it worse. Gout sufferers should consider strawberries as an option to their gout diet plan. They are rich in anthocyanidins (the dominant one being pelargonidin) and Vitamin C. This combination is what cured Linnaeus’s gout. Gout can’t be cured by vitamin C alone. It can be helpful, especially when combined with a low-purine diet and other natural remedies to gout.


Research continues to show that obesity and overweight can have psychological consequences. However, it can be said that overweight and obese individuals have more psychological problems than those who are not. A woman’s price to pay for a distorted body image is a lower body image. Obesity is also a huge economic burden. This burden is directed towards the health care system. Also, lowered productivity and mortality can have serious consequences. As with smoking, obesity can lead to frequent absenteism from work and early exits of workers due to chronic diseases, physical movement limitations, and injury.


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