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Mida peaks teadma podagra koduhoolduse kohta?

Gout is a condition that is often mentioned in literature and historical records. Gout is a painful condition that causes inflammation of the limbs, particularly the big toe. Gout is more common in people with a family history. It is possible that their ancestors also suffered from it. Other people can get it because of their lifestyle and physiology. Gout is a form of arthritis that can make it difficult for people to work and leave them with painful joints. You or someone you know may need to provide home care to ease discomfort and support the person through their difficult time.


Gout can be managed.

  • Keep your foot elevated. It is difficult to keep your foot elevated for long periods of time. You can arrange a comfortable place in the living or family room for the person to enjoy family life and entertainments such as the television, newspaper, or guest visits. You might also want to create a second bedroom area where the person can take a break or rest in privacy.
  • Make sure that the support materials are firm and comfortable. Use a folded blanket or a firm pillow to support the foot. These should be placed in a way that is unlikely to cause them to tip or fall. To keep your skin comfortable, use soft, clean fabric that is not too scratchy.
  • Avoid trigger foods. These include low-fat foods such as turkey. The doctor will give you a list. You will need to search for suitable substitutes, especially if the patient likes to have turkey on hand for frequent meals. You can discuss the list with your gout sufferer, and together you will come up with a few replacements. These can be purchased and kept on hand. You never know when your next attack will happen, and they can occur suddenly.
  • Healthy foods can reduce inflammation. This list includes some delicious options like cherries, and should be provided by your doctor. Ask about flaxseed oil as a supplement to foods such as salmon with omega 3 oil and tea. Both of these have been shown to reduce inflammation.
  • Make sure to keep your mind busy with diversions. Keep entertainment videos, books, letters, and even a laptop nearby. Hand-held puzzles, knitting, sewing, and other stationary distractions can be helpful.


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