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Most people know that fish oil is essential for our memory and joints. What do you do if your body starts to swell and you feel pain in your joints and cramps? Arthritis is often caused by inflammation. Avoiding processed, refined, and manufactured foods that cause inflammation is crucial. These foods contain inflammatory fats and preservatives as well as carbohydrates. Omega 6 fatty acids can increase inflammation. They are often found in soybean oil, which is used in biscuits and biscuit snacks. Corn syrup, which is used as a sweetener, is another problem. It is a carbohydrate we can digest quickly, but it can disrupt our metabolism and cause inflammation in certain cases. Extra-virgin olive oils contain the polyphenol antioxidant, which protects tissues from inflammation.


Inflammation can be reduced by Omega 3 (oily fish like salmon, sardines, and herring). Fish should be consumed at least three times per week. However, arthritis sufferers need fish oil supplements. Understanding the glycemic index is crucial in determining the difference between good and bad carbohydrates. Inflammation can be reduced by controlling blood sugar. Replace high-glycemic foods like sugar and flour with whole grains, sweet potatoes and beans. You can eat pasta if you have to, but not too often. It is much better than bread and potatoes. Red meat and chicken are rich in an amino acid that can cause inflammation. You should also eat less animal protein. Increase your intake of vegetable protein, such as beans or soy. You should also check if you have wheat or yeast sensitivities.


These can cause problems for your body’s cells. You should include fruits and vegetables on your shopping list. Each colour should be chosen three times daily. You can also add ginger or turmeric to your diet, which both have anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea is also a great anti-inflammatory beverage. Celery is a key supplement for arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic properties. It is detoxifying, aids the kidneys eliminate waste products, and is good for digestion. It can be used in conjunction with bio-flavanoids to treat gout and rheumatism.


Another supplement that may help to regenerate cartilage or synovial fluid is glucosamine hydrochloride. It is important to take 2 capsules per day, and that you do so at the same time each morning. The effects will not be visible until approximately 3-6 weeks. If you have an allergy to seafood, do not take it. It can sometimes upset your stomach and cause loose bowel movements, but this is rare. It is temporary and should be reported to your doctor if you are diabetic or taking certain medications. Glucosamine sulphate, another product in the glucosamine family, is a natural component of our bodies made from glucose. It is essential in the production of cartilage and synovial liquid that cushions the joints. It has been shown to be effective in reducing the pain associated with Osteoarthritis.

It can also be used to prevent future problems. It can be used to treat knee Osteoarthritis. It reduces the risk of injury for athletes and other sportspeople. For acute pain, take 1500mg followed by 500-1000mg to maintain your arthritis. It is not as fast as medication and should be taken for at least six weeks. Because everyone is different, if you have not had success with the above remedies, Devil’s Claw is another herbal remedy to reduce inflammation. Use 1-2ml three times daily. You may also try Bryonia if you have had success using homeopathic remedies. It can treat rheumatism, arthritis, chest conditions, and headaches. It can be purchased from a homeopath. It is often used to treat rheumatism-related swelling and pain in the joints.

Dd you know?

Cats Claw, a woody vine that is grown in the rainforests of Peru, is another option. It was used by the Indians to treat Arthritis. It is immune stimulating, anti viral and antioxidant. It also has anti-tumour, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also available in capsules. It is also available in capsules. You don’t want to be consuming too many pills, which will cause you to take them all the way through your body with little benefit. Ginger is warming and can help with digestion, circulation, inflammation, blood pressure, and blood pressure. It can also reduce pain. It is as effective and as safe as non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs, according to Copenhagen studies.

However, it does not have side effects. It is slower to work and can take up to three weeks to relieve symptoms. 500mg is a good preventative measure and can be used for long-term conditions.


This is a long list. I cannot stress enough how different things work for different people. However, it is possible to manage Arthritis by proper diet, alkalising your body and taking proper supplements. For a balanced plan of health, consult your natural practitioner. It is important not to’self-medicate’ and a 10-minute chat with a practitioner at the health food store will not suffice. A thorough assessment by a Naturopath/Nutritionist is necessary to determine your needs and consider other symptoms.


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