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Existe-t-il des remèdes maison efficaces contre la goutte ?

La goutte est une forme grave d'arthrite. La goutte est une maladie inflammatoire des articulations. Bien qu'elle soit rare, elle est souvent très grave. Elle affecte généralement une seule articulation. Les poussées de goutte peuvent provoquer des douleurs intenses qui ne peuvent être expliquées à quiconque n'y a pas été confronté. La goutte peut être traitée par l'homéopathie, mais il s'agit le plus souvent de programmes d'entretien. La goutte peut devenir grave si elle n'est pas traitée rapidement. Éviter certains aliments et certaines boissons comme l'alcool est le meilleur moyen d'éviter l'uric...


Avoiding non-prescription water pills and diuretics is another home remedy for gout. They help to retain uric acids in the blood. Gout can also be caused by eating a lot of seafood and meat. Avoid alcohol as it can make you more susceptible to gout. Gout can also be treated at home by drinking eight glasses of fluid or water every day. Drinking fluids can help flush out uric acids from your system and prevent kidney stones.

Gout attacks can also be caused by obesity. Gout attacks can be avoided by having a healthy body. Baking soda is another effective home remedy for gout. You can also begin working out to improve your health. Gout can be treated with mind and body medicine. Meditation and progressive relaxation are two examples of alternative therapies that can be used to ease gout pain.


Gout acupuncture is also an option. This involves the acupuncturist inserting needles along a meridian that corresponds to the organs. They will also place needles in the affected joint. Another option is herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is known to relieve pain, fight inflammation, and cleanse toxins. White willow bark and meadowsweet leaves, gingerroot, licorice, gingerroot and flower tops are some examples of herbs. You can avoid gout attacks by avoiding foods high in purines.

This includes vegetables such as asparagus, cooked spinach and cauliflower, as well as legumes, lentils, and peas. Avoid seafoods that can trigger gout, such as anchovies and mackerel, mussels salmon, sardines scallops shrimp, trout, and scallops. Reduce your intake of meat, especially those high in purines. These include red meats, turkey, red meats and veal, as well as bacon, goose, organ meats. Gout attacks can also be triggered by alcohol, baked goods and caffeine, as well as fried foods, icecream, rich desserts, saturated fats, sugar, and baked goods.


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