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Gout in Foot?

Gout in foot is a particular form of arthritis that causes recurrent attacks of severe pain in one or more joints. Gout attacks usually last a few days and then the symptoms disappear for several weeks. All joints can be affected, but most often the disease starts in the joint at the base of the big toe. The joint then becomes purplish red and swollen.

Home remedies for Gout on Foot include RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation, as well as home remedies and anti-inflammatory medication.

Home Remedies for Gout

Gout: What helps quickly?

You want know what helps quickly gout in foot? The answer is easy:
  • Taking an anti-inflammatory drug or colchicine to relieve pain
  • Local application of ice
  • Rest of the affected joint
  • Drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day.
  • Injection of corticosteroids or a joint puncture
  • Eat less food rich in animal proteins (especially red meat and offal)
  • Eat more dairy products and vegetables
  • A progressive and balanced weight loss
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Gout Toe: Cool or Warm?

To treat an attack of gout in foot, it is advisable to apply cold rather than heat, since heat aggravates the symptoms. However, when the inflammation subsides, you can apply warm compresses to your foot.Read More: Gout Toe: Cool or Warm?

How long does a Gout Attack in Foot last?

A gout in foot attack lasts several days and repeats itself every few weeks to several years. It is manifested by a sudden, intense and pulsating pain in a joint. The attack occurs mostly at night. It is important to know that the joints on the extremities of the limbs are more sensitive than the others. This is because they are colder and the cold can cause the uric acid to turn into crystals. Read More: How long does a Gout Attack in Foot last?

How do I know if I have gout in my foot?

Gout is manifested by the occurrence of inflammatory joint flare-ups called "gout attacks". The clinical diagnosis can be completed by complementary examinations.  For many people, the first attack of gout occurs at the base of the big toe. Then, gout attacks can occur in any joint, but it is the joints of the lower limbs - knees, ankles and feet - that are most often affected.The first attacks usually subside within three to ten days, but they can return and last longer if left untreated. Most people will have a second attack within a year. Over time, attacks may become more frequent, longer and affect more joints. Recurrent gout attacks can cause permanent joint damage. Early diagnosis and treatment are therefore essential.Read More: How do I know if I have gout in my foot?

What are the symptoms of gout in foot?

Gout in foot symptoms are strong. Gout can cause sudden and intense pain in one or more joints. Note that most often, these pains occur at night. For example, the simple contact of the sheets can become unbearable. The joint appears red and swollen, and the pain may be accompanied by fever and chills. In 70% of the first attacks of gout, it is the big toe that is affected. However, the ankle, wrist, hand, knee or elbow can also be affected. A gout attack also manifests itself by swelling or redness in the affected area. A great sensation of cold on the affected joint is felt by the subject. Rarely, generalized joint pain accompanied by general malaise may appear. Fevers up to 39°C and chills may also occur.Read More: What are the symptoms of gout in foot?

How do you treat gout in your foot?

To treat gout in foot, rest is the ideal remedy to cure the gout attack. Indeed, it is advisable to remain calm as much as possible and to rest as long as the pain has not subsided. In addition, it is not recommended to cover the painful areas. Also, it is advisable to apply an ice pack on the affected joints and to do the correct diet. Gout can evolve by affecting several joints and lead to renal complications if not well treated.Read More: How do you treat gout in your foot?

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