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Gout Treatments for Acute Pain Symptoms

You will find a lot of information online about long-term gout treatments, including lifestyle and diet changes, and medications that lower uric acid. What about acute gout symptoms? What are the best ways of relieving pain so severe that even a sheet or sock can be painful?

We will be discussing some tips and treatments to help you manage the worst symptoms of a severe gout attack. For severe gout symptoms, medications are the best option.

Conventional medications

NSAID pain relief is the most popular option, but their effectiveness is limited regardless of the dosage. Colchicine is another option for severe gout attacks. This drug is usually given every two hours until the pain subsides or digestive symptoms appear. These symptoms can be very debilitating and pose a risk-reward ratio for many patients.

Although medications to lower uric acid levels may be available, they do not provide immediate relief. In severe cases, steroids may need to be injected into the affected joint. Steroids are not recommended for severe cases. However, the risk of side effects can be quite high.

Although medications are sometimes necessary to relieve severe pain, there is a simple way for someone suffering from gout to get relief. When the pain from gout is severe, an icepack can be a great help. It can also be extremely helpful to rest and elevate the affected joint. If the pain is so severe that a sheet or sock is not comfortable, you can use special devices and cages such as blanket bars or foot cradles to protect the area. These devices can make the difference between sleeping upright or not, and a restful night’s sleep for many patients.

Natural Relief

Gout remedies are mostly used to prevent future attacks and to treat long-term symptom issues. However, many patients find relief quickly by using herbs like ginger and turmeric to reduce inflammation and pain. If the patient is able, meditation can be a very useful tool. Research has shown that meditation can reduce stress and stress-related hormones. This can help to decrease pain sensations and increase pain tolerance.

If you prefer natural treatment, check for remedies here: Gout Natural Remedies.

A physician is the best option if you are suffering from severe gout symptoms. Gout attacks can be severe and there are many ways to reduce the pain. Gout treatment can take many forms. While there are many things you can do to reduce your gout symptoms over the long-term, it is important to find immediate relief.

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