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How does Gout lead to Kidney Stones Formation?

I have met hundreds of gout sufferers and found that at least 30% are suffering from kidney problems. Unfortunately, most people accept the fact that gout is the cause of their kidney problems. There is no cure for gout. The most common type of kidney problem is kidney stones forming in the ureter tubes of the kidneys. The kidneys will increase the amount of uric acids in the blood if there is an increase in uric acid levels. This hormone signal will be sent by the hypothalamus to the kidney.

Urate Crystals

The urate crystals will not form in the kidneys if there is enough water excreted at the right time to flush out the uric acid. About 90% of kidney stone patients don’t drink enough water. I mean, they don’t drink any water at all. Ironically, they are often unwilling to admit that their bodies are crying out for more water. They claim they drink plenty of water throughout the day.

They mean soft drinks, tea, coffee and milk as well as juices and any other drinkable liquids. Big No No! These ‘unnatural’ drinks only make you thirstier for water. Grab a bottle of beer and drink it. You will feel thirstier in 30 minutes. You might think alcohol is dehydrating. You will get the exact same results if you drink a bottle of cola, or any sweet syrup juice.

Modern Drinks

All these “modern” drinks are full of unnecessary ingredients, including sugar, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. These drinks can cause your blood to thicken or hyper tonic, which will ‘absorb water from the interstitial fluids and body cells. It will gradually make your cells dryer. In such a situation, the kidneys will need to reduce the amount of water excreted into the urine to keep enough water for blood concentration.

This will cause thick, highly saturated urine which flows slowly through the bladder. Hyper saturation is the ideal condition for crystallization. If this happens for a long time, the tiny crystals will become larger and more difficult to pass through the kidney. This causes pressure buildup in the kidney. The kidney then has to squeeze the ureteral muscles to force the urine through the tiny passage. This is when the patient feels some pain.

Pain Factor

If you feel a strange pain in the lower back (just above your hips), you should have a blood test. If the result is high, it could be a sign that you have crystal stones in your kidneys. You will not like the way doctors break down those stones if you don’t act quickly. Imagine someone slipping a long, fine tubing through your private parts and then twisting and poking to remove stubborn stones. Isn’t it better to have a healthy water intake?


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