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How long does it take for Curcumin to reduce Inflammation?

The most important property, the one that has made turmeric truly established as a major medicinal plant: its ability to decrease inflammation, wherever the inflammation is.

The constituents of turmeric can even go to places where few substances manage to penetrate, in the brain environment for example. This environment is protected by the blood-brain barrier which allows very little to pass through.

Turmeric is therefore what is called a “systemic anti-inflammatory”, i.e. it acts throughout the system to calm inflammation.

If you can understand this point, you can see why it is worthwhile to incorporate turmeric into your life on a regular basis. It’s an incredible protector.

The clinical trial shows that curcumin can reduce the symptoms of gout attacks as early as 24-48 hours and is as effective as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in relieving pain. Sometimes, 1 week is needed to decrease 40-60% pain relief from gout. Not to mention that the action of curcumin applies in a systemic way to fight inflammation.

The duration of a cure of curcuma is very variable, generally until the inflammation calms down. If you have a chronic problem, you have to take turmeric for the long term, several weeks, then when the inflammation goes down, you can sometimes take a break and start again when you see that the inflammation comes back. But on the whole we are talking about taking it every day for the long term. One can, at high dose, make a cure of turmeric quite long, up to 3 months, followed by a break.

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