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How to combat Arthritic Joints?

If you don’t do your research, having arthritic joint problems can make your life miserable. An example: Five years ago, an elderly woman was referred by me to me for arthritic joint pain. Before my first consultation, the patient had been seeing a doctor for her health issues. The patient complained about stiffness in her elbows and knees, swelling, and a feeling that her bones were constantly grinding together. After running a series of tests, the doctor determined that the patient was suffering from progressive bone loss as a result of a musculoskeletal disorder.

Let’s see…

He also determined that if the patient didn’t start taking certain medications immediately, her arthritic joints condition could worsen and she could be at risk of osteoporosis. His shocking recommendation was to her to accept her condition as old age and to only take the pain medication he prescribed every three to four hours. If her condition deteriorated, the physician suggested that surgery be considered. Lucky for me, the patient came to me a week later after her encounter with her doctor.

We discussed how an imbalance in biochemical elements, excessive waste buildup and poor diet could all contribute to the development arthritic joints. The patient followed my simple, but effective, natural protocol. Despite being in her seventies, the patient was able to completely recover from her bout of arthritis within six months. She also never developed osteoporosis.

I am pointing out that this elderly woman was not relying on her doctor’s drugs and surgeries but rather in her body’s natural ability to heal from what could have been a life-threatening condition. A woman who had been diagnosed with a serious illness only a few years ago was sentenced by a doctor to a life filled with sadness, pain, and despair. This courageous woman refused to be ignored or trivialized because she knew she could beat the condition. She is, to my mind, the most inspiring example of how your body can completely remake and heal you if this amazing process takes place.


Arthritis, rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, and gout are just a few of the many conditions that can be caused by gout. You can defeat any of these formidable disorders face-to-face with your body, equipped with knowledge, courage, and the confidence that your body has the natural healing ability to win.


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