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How to cure Gout Apnea?

Gout is a painful condition of the joints that can be treated and controlled. Gout is often caused by a buildup of uric acid. The body must deal with excess uric acids. It deposits it wherever it can and forms crystals in the joints. This can be very painful and debilitating for many people. This type of pain can cause people to lose their sleep. However, for some people, the problem is more serious. Gout sufferers may also have sleep apnea and are looking for ways to treat it.

Sleep Apnea

Although sleep apnea can go unnoticed at first, it can become very serious. The body may not be breathing properly at night. There may be short periods when breathing stops completely. Although breathing can resume normally without the person being aware, this can have serious consequences for the body. Apnea could be the cause of gout or the reason that symptoms have worsened.

People with gout and apnea might have a connection. A person with apnea and breathing difficulties may not get enough oxygen at the right time. Carbon dioxide builds up in their bodies. These conditions are too harsh for cells to survive and each cell dies, releasing purines. The periods where breathing stops are short so it happens only occasionally.

Cell Degeneration

However, when it does, cell degeneration and death produce more purine. This can lead to an increase in uric acid and more crystal formation in the joints. Talk to your doctor if you suspect that you may have sleep apnea. You might feel mixed emotions if you discover that you have sleep apnea. Although it can be difficult to accept that your breathing is not normal, this could also mean that you have found the cause of your gout.

There are natural ways to treat sleep apnea in some cases. Losing weight can be helpful if you are overweight. People who suffer from sleep apnea find it helpful to avoid any drugs or substances that alter the body, such as painkillers and alcohol. Sleep apnea can be reduced by sleeping on your side, rather than your back. Because apnea can be caused by a collapse in the throat or other parts of your airways, it is best to sleep on your side. It can be difficult to know how your sleep is at night. To help you avoid rolling over, you can try sleeping on your side with pillows behind you back.


Sleep apnea is not just about gout. There are many other serious problems. Apnea sufferers may be at greater risk of developing heart disease, stroke, or even death while they sleep. Discuss the severity of your case with your doctor, as well as the risks and benefits of the surgery. It may save your life in some cases.


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