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How To Cure Gout Without Using Drugs?

Gout is becoming more common in modern society. Gout is becoming a more common condition. The worst part about this painful disease is that the majority of common gout medications prescribed by doctors can only temporarily relieve the pain, but they cannot prevent future attacks of the horrible gout inflammations. Ironically, the gout drugs can’t cure the problem and can even make patients’ health worse. Steroid painkillers that patients take can cause permanent damage to the liver, kidneys, and other organs.


Many gout novices don’t believe this and continue to seek immediate relief from doctors. Yes! Yes! Colchicine can cause serious side effects if taken in excess or too often. Another drug, allopurinol, is claimed to lower uric acid levels. This is the main cause of gout. It works as advertised (if you don’t suffer from side effects like skin rashes or stomach ache), but it can only temporarily suppress your uric acid levels.

These drugs don’t help to eliminate uric acid crystals or urate crystals already formed in the joints. You are probably familiar with the gout medications. One thing is certain: if any of these gout drugs actually work, you won’t read this. You are like many gout sufferers who are looking for natural, effective ways to get rid of the problem. Gout is a serious problem. The name itself can be a clue. You don’t need to look far to find the magic pills that will instantly cure your gout.


It’s simple science. To effectively eliminate acids, you only need something alkaline to neutralize them and enough water to flush out the toxins. Eating more alkaline vegetables and drinking alkaline water can help your body get alkalinity. The liver and the kidneys are the two most important organs that dispose of uric acids in the body. You can stimulate them to eliminate excess uric acids by massaging them with foot reflexology and acupressure.


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