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How to Detoxify my Body through Juice Fasting?

Every day, our bodies are exposed to toxins from our environment. It could be anything from antibiotics and steroids in meats to pesticides that cover vegetables and fruits to the polluted air we breath. The toxins we inhale and eat must be processed by our bodies. Many people believe that what we put into our bodies can cause a variety of modern-day diseases. This article will address these concerns and show you how to detoxify your body by juice fasting. As a way to treat common ailments, many doctors are now recommending a 3-day juice fast. A 3 day fast is the best and fastest way to get rid of gout. Why does fasting work so well? It is easy to see why fasting helps detoxify your body.

Digestive System

The digestive system is responsible for processing everything you put into your body. Our bodies need a lot of energy in order to digest and process food. Fasting takes the pressure off the digestive system. The energy that would normally be used to digest and process food is now available for other purposes, such as the processing of toxins. Fasting also means that you don’t add more toxins to your body during those three days. This means that your body can process any lingering toxic substances. Another thing about fasting is that most toxic buildup ends up in our fat stores.

After a day of fasting our bodies stop burning sugar stores. Instead, the body is turning its energy into fat stores. The liver converts fat into energy and the toxins are again released into the bloodstream. The liver can quickly process this time, as you are not adding toxins to your diet. A 3 day juice fast is a good idea to try at the beginning of spring. Winter is traditionally when we gain the most weight and store more fat. A 3 day juice fast is a great way to detoxify your body quickly. You will feel better and prevent future diseases. This, to me, is akin to money in your body’s bank.

Detox Facts

There are approximately 2,000 pores on the soles of your feet. These pores are used by the body to eliminate toxins during detox foot therapy. This natural detox process is accelerated by using a detox foot therapy device. The therapy is so effective that people report feeling more energetic and getting better sleep after it. This device facilitates the body’s natural detoxification process and restores energy and balance. Clinical trials have shown that detoxing balances the body’s pH and electromagnetic energy. The energy flows from one organ to another through the feet. How well these pathways allow energy to flow is a key indicator of a person’s health.

The body’s PH must be balanced to aid in detox and digestion. Direct current creates an ionic field in the foot bath that is similar to energy produced by the body. It alters the electron and proton loads in the water to create an electromagnetic (Bioenergetically), altered water environment. This energy is below threshold, which means that the person will not feel the treatment. To receive the appropriate ions, the feet are immersed in “Bioenergetic” waters. This increases the body’s energy levels. Healthy people will feel more energetic and lighter after using detox foot therapy. Patients with pain, edema and gout, as well as swollen joints, have reported immediate relief. People with other conditions such as arthritis, allergies, lymphedema or neuralgia have also reported relief. Repeat treatments can be beneficial.


According to reflexology, each foot acts as a channel or conduit through which the body attempts cleanse itself of heavy metals and toxic wastes. The body’s cleansing process is aided by the interaction of the water with a magnetic field structure and a compound electric current. In just 30 minutes, the ionic detox footspa can increase a person’s overall well-being in three ways. The ionic detox footspa restores a healthy 80-20 balance of positive and negative ions to the body. Electrolysis is a process that breaks down water molecules into their basic elements, hydrogen and oxygen. The body releases negative ions and absorbs them.

Meanwhile, the negative ions attack and eliminate free radicals. This purges all toxins and nucleic wretches that have been generated in the cells. This restores cell function. The detox foot spa is a portable silver grey device that is durable, hard wearing, lightweight, and easy to transport. This system can be easily transported thanks to its removable lid. This unit has a 30 minute timer that divides the session into five stages. A light turns on at each stage. The control unit will turn off automatically after the session ends. You can also purchase replacement arrays and liners. These items are also available. The majority of the components are built to last a lifetime. However, the array can wear out over time and will need to be replaced periodically.

Foot Detox

This is a common sight in beauty salons and malls. A woman, often dressed in white, offers to cleanse your body with an “ionic footbath.” You can also call the foot bath aqua chi machine or bio electrical biofeedback device, foot spa, energyspa, super deter foot bathtub, or simply foot bath. The process is the exact same regardless of the name. For approximately 30 minutes, your feet are immersed into a salt water basin that has been electrically charged with two electrodes. The “treatment” results in the water turning a dark or black color. This is a proof that the product works. Similar methods use a special adhesive foot pad that is placed on the bottom of the feet and worn overnight. The pads are said to remove toxins from the body through sweating during sleep.

The color of the pads changes from white to gray-black. The pads, which are similar to the foot bath, are said to be effective against all types of contaminants, including heavy metals, metabolic and microscopic parasites, mucous, cellulite, and mucous. They are also claimed to be effective against migraines, gout, and other diseases. These “treatments” are expensive and require regular maintenance. However, unwary customers may believe they are getting a good deal considering the many diseases they can cure. These products don’t work and the people behind them are only after your money. Barrett stated that the skin is not a permeable membrane.


This means that substances placed outside the feet will not absorb substances circulating in the body. The water’s color change is caused by electrolysis or simple chemical reactions. The brown “toxins” are actually rust and oxidized iron that is formed by corrosion of iron electrodes placed in the basin. The increased iron content is what causes the water to change color. This can happen regardless of whether feet are placed in the water. You can also make different colors by adding salt to water or changing the composition of the electrodes. How can you explain the color change in foot pads when they aren’t submerged in water?


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