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How to Heal Myself with Foods?

One time, I was asked by a TV interviewer what my definition of true wellness was. My answer was, although too simplified for the scientist, “The absence or recurrence of disease at all levels” – that is, physical, mental, and emotional. I believe that everyone can improve their health by making better decisions. To live a healthier life, my number one rule is to make every effort to choose a path towards wellness and away from diseases. Choose a path that brings you joy. Be with people you love, don’t engage in conversations that bring down others, be honest, and hold on to the highest level of integrity.

What to do?

Give of your talents and gifts. When possible, take part in hobbies and other activities that enrich your life. Give yourself permission to love and be loved fully. Love can be a great healer. Learn what keeps your body in peak condition by learning these things. You will be less likely to get sick if you learn how nature works. Your body will do its job if you give it what it needs. Let’s now talk about FOOD HEALING. It may seem surprising, but the human body contains approximately 15 major biochemical elements. There are also trace elements that are too small to mention. 70% of the human body is made up of water. The body’s blood passes through the lungs every three to four minutes thanks to the beating heart.

The blood stream transports carbonic acid waste to lungs, where it is oxidized by oxygen and exhaled. Heat is produced by oxygen. It is possible to test the heat and calories of food by burning it in a laboratory. Chemistry teaches us that chemical compounds are sent to specific structures by the body’s atomic weight and innate wisdom principle. Some people have brighter or more dull eyes. Every element has its own unique scope of action and characteristics, and so do we. All of us are human, but we all have unique biochemical makeups that allow us to be different. This is what I call “the flavor of life!” Life is amazing with all its intricacies, nuances, and complexity.


The most common cause of disease is poor food choices or insufficient food supplies. From there, we need to consider the mind and emotions. Sometimes, we take too many of one element, which can cause an imbalance. Other times, we take too few and create an imbalance. This can happen physically, mentally, and emotionally. Too much of a good thing can make life less enjoyable. Too much sodium can cause heart disease, stomach problems, and even kidney disease. Anemia can be caused by a low iron diet, while constipation can be caused by inorganic iron. While lovemaking can improve your health, too much can lead to blindness. NO NO NO! I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I want to keep you on your toes! However, it is essential to use your mind in your daily work, as this will help you maintain your mental acuity. But, watching TV all day can affect your mental fortitude.

Exercising enough will keep your body strong and flexible, but overworking a muscle can cause injury. We must choose balance. To be healthier, there are seven bad habits that I have discovered: Eating too often, worrying about the future, smoking, eating fried foods, worrying about losses and illnesses, and worrying about the future. These habits can lead to a very unhealthy lifestyle that encourages disease. Even if your health is not in top form, you can make life more enjoyable. There are clues both in nature and within ourselves that can help us achieve better health. We must also look at our bodies to determine what is best for ourselves.

Like Birds

Just as birds make the right choices to maintain their tiny bodies while flying, so can we. Our taste buds can detect four different sensations: sweet, salty and bitter. The bitter sensation is more prominent on the back of the tongue, while the salty and sweet sensations are more prevalent on the sides and tip of the tongue. This biological clue is another sign that we can eat a variety foods. Our teeth are another clue. We have teeth that grind and teeth which rip and tear. Food chemistry teaches us that the Acid/Alkaline food principle is best for our health. The recommended dietary ratio should be 80 percent akaline foods and 20 percent acid-forming foods.

Biochemistry divides food into these two basic categories. We need both to spark the flames of life. To light a fire, one must “strike” the flant. ENZYMES are required before any food can be digested. Enzymes are the body’s catalysts that allow biochemical processes to be possible. The first enzyme is ptyalin, which can be found in the saliva. Ptyain converts starches to maltose, which is then digested by the enzyme amylase from the pancreas. I recommend AbsorbAid Platinum, which has been clinically proven and written about in the New England Journal of Medicine. The acid/alkaline balance can be seen in one’s physical health, as well as in one’s mental and emotional state. Acid building can be caused by mental activities when the sun rises, but it is the night that brings us back to equilibrium.

Alkaline Food

Alkalinity can be promoted through rest, sleep, sunshine, laughter and positive philosophy. We have slightly acid and alkaline vegetables. Apples. Avocados. Spoiled bananas. All berries. All preserved fruits, sugared or dried fruits as well as sugared and pickled fruits are considered slightly acid. Asparagus green, bamboo shoots beans, tops, sprouts beets, celery, broccoli, carrots or celery, cauliflower and dill, dulse. Artichokes, white asparagus tips and all dried beans are considered to be low in acid. Some alkaline dairy products include buttermilk, yogurt, clabbered and kefirs, as well as acidophilus cultured or buttermilk. Acid-forming dairy products include butter, cream, cottage cheeses, cream, icecream, custards and all pasteurized, dried, or canned milk. There are no alkaline flesh foods

Their bones and blood are the closest alkalizing elements in the family of flesh food. It is possible to eat whole fish like sardines, and still have a good balance, provided you don’t salt the fish first. All alcoholic beverages and 99 percent of grains are acidic. Water, naturally occurring oils like unrefined and cold-pressed olive oil, corn, cotton and other fats are the neutral foods on Earth. We can make our bodies more chemist-friendly and improve our health by learning how to use food as medicine. We were meant to be in good health, not in pain and misery.

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