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How To Naturally Eliminate Uric Acid?

This disease is caused when uric acid crystals build up in your body. After being diagnosed, you will likely be prescribed one of the many drugs that will suppress this production. This will not solve the problem. You may need to take medication for a long time to ‘manage’ the problem instead of treating it. These suppressant medications control your blood uric acid levels. It is possible that you have already developed urate crystals. These are formed when the acid uric cannot be dissolved in sufficient quantities to cause crystal formations. They will not be removed by the drugs.

Let’s understand it

If you have gouty symptoms that are chronic, there is a good chance that some urate crystals have already formed in your kidneys. This could cause some obstructions to your kidney tubules. The buildup of urine pressure in your tubules is what causes the pain in your back. To determine the exact cause of your kidney pain, it is better to have a medical checkup.

If the root cause of your problem is not addressed (either dietary or due an imbalance in the system), it can create a vicious cycle of cause-effect-suppression (which does not eliminate its cause, but the cycle continues). Even if you are considering drugs, it is possible to address the root cause of the problem and any urate crystals that have formed.

Home Remedy

The most common home-made solution is to drink 500ml (half a bottle) of mineral water (or carbonated) every hour. This is absolutely NOT tap water. 500ml of water (preferably mineral water or alkaline) should be consumed every 1..5 (one and half) hours.

Another option is to soak your feet in warm water before you go to bed (after you have eaten) and then again if you want to relax in the day (still after you have digested your food, but not on a hungry). Both of the home remedies can be used. This will improve your blood circulation and remove the urate crystals from your synovial fluid.


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