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How to prevent Uric Acid Kidney Stones?

Uric acid kidney stone are formed when there is high blood uric acid. Gout sufferers are especially at risk. This article will explain the relationship between kidney stones, uric acid, and their prevention and treatment. WHAT CAN URIC ACID KIDNEY STRONES BE CAUSED? Crystals of uric acid can form in the blood when there is high levels of uric acid. They can then be deposited all over the body.

Gout Crystals

Gout is caused by crystals of uric acid accumulating in the joints and connective tissues. They can also build up in the kidneys, where they can become a single mass. This is called a kidney stone. 1 in / 2.5cm GOUT SUfferers are at risk Gout is caused when urate crystals form in the joints and tissue. This happens because of high blood acid levels. People with recurring gout are at greater risk as they have higher blood acid levels for longer periods of time. This gives them more time to form crystals and more time to form stones in their kidneys.

Sometimes, tiny stones are able to be eliminated from the body by passing through the urine. A dull ache can be felt if the stone is still in the kidney. The stone may also cause pain when urinating if it is in the ureter, which connects the bladder and kidneys. Sometimes, however, the blood cannot be seen with the naked eye, especially if the stone’s size is small.


This can be confirmed by testing a sample of urine. Additional medical attention may be required for larger stones. To help the stone pass more quickly and easily, you can use Allopurinol (which is used to lower the blood uric acid levels). In some cases, ‘Lithotripsy” can be used. This medical procedure uses sound waves to break up the stone. It can then be used to remove the system using the options below.

Surgery is an option as a last resort. Your doctor will recommend the best treatment for you. You must reduce your uric acid levels and keep them low for as long as possible to prevent kidney stones. It has been proven that people who are overweight have higher levels of uric acid than those who aren’t.


One preventative measure is to get down to a healthy weight by exercising and eating right. It is important to make dietary changes in order to lose weight. Uric acid is actually a byproduct from the breakdown of chemicals within your body called ‘purines. Purines can also be found in your food, especially high-protein foods. You can reduce the amount of uric acids produced by switching to a low-purine diet.

Red meat, organ meats, game, poultry and fish are all high-purine foods. These foods should be avoided, or at the very minimum, reduced in consumption. Talk to your doctor before making any major dietary changes. They can help you.

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