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How to relieve Arthritis Pain?

Meridian is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy (TCM). It depicts how the life energy, or qi, flows through the body’s meridians. Meridian therapy is a non-invasive treatment that treats these points to allow the life energy to flow more efficiently. According to TCM, the body has a virtual circulation system that is similar to the blood circulation system. It is called a bio-energy circulatory system. These 12 main channels, which are known as Meridians, carry the bio-energy. Each pair of meridians corresponds to an organ in the body.

Meridian System

What Causes Ailments According to the Meridian System? There is another pair of meridian pairs that runs through the middle of the body. One runs in front and the other runs through your spinal cord. These meridian pairs have many points. Each point acts as a bioenergy power station and transmits the bio-energy through the 12 channels throughout the body. There are many medical conditions that can be caused by a disruption in the bio-energy flow, such as qi blockages or energy flow imbalances.

Meridian Therapy can relieve arthritis pain Medical conditions can occur when the qi is not flowing at its optimal capacity or the meridians block them. We will be discussing “arthritis”, the most common condition caused by a weak flow/blockage in qi energy. This ailment has been affecting North Americans for many years.


According to TCM, meridian treatment can be used to treat this condition naturally. Modern medicine has identified many types of arthritis. However, one thing is common to all: “joint pains.” This is due to inflammation in and around the joints. According to TCM, arthritis can be caused by low liver blood or low body liquids, or because the body absorbs cold, heat and wind from outside. These external factors can become lodged in the body, especially the joints, and cause arthritis.

Gout and rheumatoid are two examples of the effects of heat and damp on the joints. Osteoarthritis is caused by the combination of wind exposure (wet and cold) and a deficiency of liver blood. Soak your feet in hot water for 20-30 minutes before you go to bed. The 12 channels, or meridians that carry the Qi energy, which travel throughout the body, start and end at the feet. Soak your feet in hot water for 20-30 minutes. This will allow you to clear any blockages in the meridian pathways caused by heat, cold wind, damp, or wind absorption.


Salt can be added to the hot water several times per week to improve results. Salt is a great detoxifier and anti-inflammatory agent. Avoid dairy products, sweets, and cheese. These foods can increase meridian blockages, block lymphatic drainages, and cause the Qi energy movement to slow down. This can eventually lead to fatigue, irritation, discomfort, or pains. It is recommended that you eat thin soups, almondmilk without sugar, steamed and stir-fried foods, as well as baked, boiled, and boiled foods. You don’t have to stop eating cheese, milk, or sweets forever.

However, you can limit your intake for a time until the pain subsides and your health improves. Rich, hydrated foods: When possible, people with arthritis should eat water-rich foods such as broccoli, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, okra and tomatoes. Insufficient Yin, which is shown through the tongue and pulse as qi blockage, is the main cause of your arthritis. In these cases, it is important to nourish Yin. This can only be done by eating vegetables and fruits.


Sour-flavored foods: Patients with liver blood and Yin deficiency should eat sheep liver and sour foods. They will also need to avoid spicy, grilled, or fried foods that do not help the cause. Consuming spicy foods can only worsen the pain. Spicy food can cause inflammation and further suffering. However, eating sour foods can have a soothing effect for the painful joints. They help preserve the body fluids which can otherwise deplete more quickly.


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