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How To Reverse Arthritis?

According to estimates, 45 million Americans suffer from crippling or painful arthritis. Many others suffer from arthritis-like symptoms, such as bursitis and fibromyalgia, gout, and gout. The general consensus among the medical community and the public is that arthritis can be treated with anti-inflammatories or cortisone. The disease is progressive and there is no cure. Is this true? This perception has serious problems. There is no information to explain the origin of stress, and therefore the possibility of working to correct the cause.

Let’s see…

This project’s consultant, Dr. Swilling, has spent 25 years researching the origin of illness. He also describes how breakthrough research has helped many people to heal, reverse symptoms, and return to good health. Dr. Swilling goes above and beyond to explain the effects of the factors mentioned in stress development. He gives examples of four factors that contribute to the development of the disease.

  • Stress is the result of a breakdown in a biochemical balance, leading to a switch between an anabolic and a catabolic condition. This catabolic state causes inflammation, which in turn leads to arthritis. An ongoing imbalance perpetuates the catabolic state that leads to progressive degeneration. The arthritic patient is guided into a TCH Arthritis Support Program that focuses on restoring biochemical balance. This will reverse the catabolic process and allow for reduction of inflammation, healing, and return to good health.
  • His groundbreaking research has shown that electrolyte imbalance can lead to altered pH levels, which in turn causes inflammation and further damage.
  • Acid waste can be created by unnatural fast food, alcohol, sugar-based food, coffee, and soda drinks.
  • Free radical damage, which is caused by insufficient oxygen, water, and unnatural free radical activity from food that has been microwaved and deep-fried, can accelerate the damage.


We receive all the essential nutrients from plants that have been grown in rich nutrient soil, unpolluted waters, and oxygen from clean air. These nutrients are needed by the body to produce energy, and other functions that are responsible for good health. Unnatural farming practices can result in plants being grown in soil that is depleted. Chemical fertilizers and herbicides are absorbed by the plants and then into the food chain.

To make matters worse, many of our staple foods are refined or processed. This further depletes the essential nutrients and pollutes our food chain. Chemical additives are used to prolong shelf life and imitate natural tastes. Our water and air are polluted. Insufficient nutrients can lead to illness and other diseases.