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How to start the Healing Process of Arthritis?

As a young boy, arthritis was the first Western disease I was familiar with. Bertha Cooper, my beloved paternal grandmother, was afflicted by this disease for many years. It was very severe in her wrists, and joints. I can recall her asking me if she would like to buy Ben Gay, a white pharmaceutical antiinflammatory rubbing cream. She would also rub Ben Gay on her wrists, joints, and tendons. I was a small boy and didn’t know much about disease. I didn’t understand how my grandmother got arthritis. All I knew was that my grandmother had it and claimed it. When the Universe gave me its Akashic Records health knowledge in the late 1990s I was able to understand why Grandma Sis (Bertha), developed and suffered from arthritis.

Let’s see…

My grandmother was originally from Mississippi. “Soul food” was the ideal meal. My grandmother was a great cook. I have never had a meal that tasted better than the food/cooking of my paternal grandmother. Although this “soul food” tasted great, I now realize that taste is not the only criterion or measurement for what is nutritious or healthy. It was Grandma’s delicious soul food that caused her to develop tendonitis and arthritis. All that cornbread, collards and mustard greens salt pork, candied yellowams, salt pork. She (and the rest) eventually gave in. You can’t forget the white, refined Webber’s and Wonder Bread, flap jacks (pancakes), syrup and cookies, bacon, sausages and jelly cakes, jelly sandwiches, jelly sandwiches, sausages and Vienna sausages.

What about the hot cocoa, butter milk, pet milk and Kool-Aid she drank? Although she didn’t smoke cigarettes as her five sons, she would make her own with Prince Albert brand tobacco or Zig Zag paper. My grandmother was a marijuana smoker, according to my childhood friends. It was embarrassing to find out that she was actually smoking marijuana. All of this was to let you know that my grandmother’s arthritis was caused her habits, ignorance, and tradition. All that meat turned into uric acid in my grandmother’s joints and ligaments. The starches were also broken down into carbonic acid, which made its way into her bones. The lactic acid she ingested from the slow down of dairy products also made its way into her joints. My grandmother also developed an over acid condition from smoking.


Gout is a condition that causes inflammation of the ankles. Arthritis is a condition that causes inflammation of the joints. It’s that simple. Latin “Arth” is “joints,” while the English suffix “it is” refers to “inflammation.” What is inflammation? A burning sensation! What causes this burning? ACID!!! It’s that simple! Grandma Sis died from natural death (degeneracy). My family couldn’t, would not, or will not believe that what they put in their mouths causes their pathologies and ultimately kills them. When I was a Muslim and a member of the Nation of Islam in 1990s, it was easy to dismiss me by simply saying “that boy’s mad at white people and the world!” Today, as Naturists, what’s their excuse for not being able to see the truth? There is no other excuse than ignorance and traditional paralysis! Djehuty, soul food is a tradition! Yes, it is a tradition that leads you to an early grave.

The greatest contributor to arthritis is collard greens and mustard greens. Sorry Black people, Negroes, soul food lovers! This is true. The “oxalic” acid in greens is produced when they are cooked. It is true! This is true for all you rats-feces-laced chocolate fans. Although I don’t want to make you think that soul food is the reason for arthritis, many white people, Mexicans/Latinos and Asians are also affected by it. The Standard American Diet, which is similar to soul food, can also cause arthritis. Arthritis can be described as an American disease. Understanding tendonitis or gout is essential to understanding arthritis.

Inflammation Factor

These are fluid buildup problems in the joints that can cause inflammation and pain. Modern arthritis suffers (and tendonitis, gout) are using pharmaceutical grade drugs to combat the symptoms. Even though God told Bible believers to heal themselves with herbs, they choose to follow the enemy’s prescription drugs that prolong the arthritis.

How and why? Why and how? Mother Nature has provided healing for arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions. Certain herbs are all that is required to heal from arthritis. The best herbs to heal arthritis are those that are anti-inflammatory. These herbs include Meadowsweet and Wintergreen, Wintergreen, Birch and White Willow Bark, Balm of Gilead, and Birch. Certain herbs can also work in conjunction with the herbs above. I believe that arthritis healing can be done efficiently only with the following herbs: Devil’s Claw (Frankincense), Uva Ursi and Mullein leaves. Also, Saffron and Cayenne pepper, Feverfew, Guaiac Wood, and Boswellia. The most important arthritis herbs are Boswellia (Frankincense), Uva Ursi and Mullein. They counteract inflammation-causing mucus. MSM Sulfur, also known as organic sulfur, is also a great remedy for arthritis.

Noni Juice

Noni juice is also great! You can also make your own healing oil from a base oil, such as coconut, olive, almond, or shea butter. Add in a few drops (10-15) of the following essential oils: Peppermint and Wintergreen, Eucalyptus and Birch. This salve can be applied directly to your joints or other problem areas. It is very soothing, and can be used to heal. As an herbalist, I also created my own Joint Formula. It consists of all the herbs listed above. This little formula works wonders when my wrists hurt from typing too much (all that legal pleading). Magnet therapy is another option for arthritis. Magnet therapy makes the area affected or injured alkaline. It also increases circulation to the area so healing can begin. Mark Lomax, my brother and good friend, was able to heal himself from severe bouts of gout. He hasn’t had gout in a while.

What did he do to get rid of gout? He started by detoxifying his body with our Full Body Detox. He then did a daily regimen with our Electric Greens Cell Food (pure acidity), Joints Formula, and Black Cherry Juice concentrate. If you had known him three years ago, you wouldn’t recognize him. These herbs helped him lose more than 70 pounds. This man is an example of healing! Bromelain, a type of pineapple enzyme called Bromelain, is essential for the healing of arthritis. Bromelain, or pineapple enzymes, are anti-inflammatory in their nature and action and provide relief for arthritis. They taste like candy and can be chewed. However, 3-6 tablets should suffice to get the job done. Bromelain can be found in most health food stores. It is also beneficial to arthritis patients to soak in hot water with essential oils of Peppermint or Eucalyptus and soak in the inflamed parts. Modified diet is the most important factor in combating arthritis. Reduce or eliminate meat and dairy products. These are the two biggest causes of arthritis. Acid buildup can be greatly reduced by drinking a vegetable cocktail that includes celery, parsley and/or carrots (for sweetness and/or base) 3-4 times per week.

Avoid This!

Avoid all acidic beverages such as soda pop, juice, orange juice, wine, and coffee. When you can prevent and heal disease, life is so beautiful. Understanding diseases is equally important. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed by my knowledge and the knowledge of others who suffer from a lack knowledge (and insanity). My son, Asim, and Layla, my daughter, will benefit from my deep knowledge of proper diet and my grief. I am also certain that many children across the country will benefit from their parents reading and applying the health information and knowledge freely available.

Even though I loved soul food and the cooking of my relatives back in my (Negro) days you couldn’t force me to eat chicken or pork today. I love my temple of God too much. Because of what their parents ate before and during conception, my children are beautiful and highly intelligent. You can do it! Change is possible, people! Healthy is not defined by taste.


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