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How to treat Gout at Home?

Gout can be treated at home by knowing how to flush uric acids and uric crystals. Most people don’t realize the simplicity of this treatment because doctors don’t recommend it. Most likely, you have been told by a doctor that you should lose weight and drink lots of water while taking painkillers. This excuse for a prescription could have cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and caused weeks of pain. I met a woman recently who was suffering from gout. She had an air cast placed around her entire foot.

Let’s understand it

I was disappointed to learn that her doctor ordered her to pay $300 for the cast and more expensive painkillers. In our five minute conversation, here is what I said to her. Gout occurs when your body is unable to flush uric acid effectively. This is when uric acid crystallizes between the big toes and the joints. Gout is the most painful type, but also the easiest to treat. Gout was once referred to as the “disease of kings”.

Gout was a common problem in many kings’ lives. Gout is a common condition that plagues royals. However, it has been around for centuries. There are many ways to treat it. Gout can be treated naturally if you flush the uric acid or neutralize crystals. These are the top tips for gout.


  • You should drink water, lots of it. Women should aim to drink at least 8 cups daily, while men should drink 12 cups.
  • The high water content of fruits and vegetables makes them a great choice. Water flushes out many impurities, including uric acid. At least 5-7 portions per day is a good goal.
  • Baking soda treatment is another simple solution that has shown great results. Add one-half teaspoon baking soda to a cup water and enjoy! Baking soda is said to naturally dissolve uric acids crystals.
  • Beneficial properties have been also shown to be associated with many berries. A cup of strawberries taken during an attack can neutralize uric acids and provide immediate relief.
  • Alkalines-rich foods are also beneficial. A cup of grapes, for example, has been shown to lower the acidity of uric acids.


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