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How to treat Gout in my Feet?

Gout can often manifest in your big toe and other areas of your foot. This is because these parts are more sensitive to temperature changes than other parts of your body. Some people are fortunate to not develop gout despite having high levels of uric acids. However, the faster uric acid cools down, the more crystals it forms. Gout sufferers who are first diagnosed with the condition often feel intense pain in their feet, even though they didn’t experience any pain the night before.

Gout Pain

Gout in the foot can cause swelling, reddening, and hot flushes. Gout in foot can cause stiffness and a tingling sensation in the joints. Gout in the foot can begin at the ankle, and spread to other areas such as the ankle and instep. Gout can make it more difficult to move and enjoy the activities you love. It will initially be difficult to fit the affected foot into shoes. Gout can cause extreme sensitivity in your feet, so even the slightest touch can cause excruciating pain. Gout can cause stiffened joints, immobility, and poor posture.

These effects can make it difficult to work, play sports, or move around in your own home. Gout in the feet can be very distressing for many people, and may even make it difficult to attend social events. Gout in your feet can be treated with many different treatments.


First, you should get a proper diagnosis from a doctor. It’s time for you to discuss your options after you have been diagnosed. Your doctor may prescribe medication to ease your discomfort, swelling, and pain. You can also talk to your doctor about home remedies that may be able to soothe the affected area. Gout can be controlled, treated or prevented by the above-mentioned drugs. Ice packs can be used to numb the area.

Pat dry the area gently from time to time. Warm wraps are recommended. Warm herbal leaves can be applied to the affected area. Wrap it with a towel for a soothing effect. Make a warm foot bath. Mix apple cider vinegar with hot water. Let cool for a moment before dipping your foot into the tub. Alternately, you can soak ground ginger in the tub. If none of these options work, you may need to have the uric acids crystals or tophi removed surgically from the affected area.


Surgery can be used to both remove the crystals and repair the joint. If your foot gout has become severe, you may need to have surgery. If your symptoms persist despite taking medication and home remedies, consult your doctor immediately.


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