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Why Curcumin and Boswellia in FYRON G1 + G2? Here 8+ of the most Incredible reasons

FYRON G1 and FYRON G2 are 2 natural products. They are composed of plant extracts and they are used to treat many types of diseases.

FYRON G1 contains Curcumin. FYRON G2 contains Boswellia. So Fyron G1 + G2 = Curcumin and Boswellia.

Two plants that are used to treat inflammation around the globe, Curcumin as well as Boswellia, have been used over many generations.

Curcumin and Boswellia

Curcumin and boswellia are more effective when combined than when they are taken individually. Both boswellia and curcumin help keep your joints flexible and their combination is powerful and naturally beneficial. You can find information on the safety and efficacy of boswellia and curcumin on many websites that offer natural products. Curcumin in combination with boswellic acids is, without doubt, the best choice.

The anti-inflammatory action of boswellia and the antioxidant effect of turmeric would make it an interesting solution for people suffering from osteoarthritis and wishing to avoid the side effects that often accompany conventional drugs.[1]

You don’t have to choose between turmeric and boswellia. Take them both. It is also interesting to combine turmeric with boswellia and black pepper![2] It can be taken in capsules or in drops.


Curcumin is one of the active molecules in turmeric, a rhizome widely used in cooking as a spice. It comes from the Zingiberaceae family, the same family as ginger whose benefits are also recognised. It has been consumed for centuries in many Eastern countries for its medicinal properties. For more than 20 years, science has validated the numerous benefits of turmeric’s active molecules, the curcuminoids, of which curcumin is a part.

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric whose molecule is best absorbed by the body, has many benefits. It reduces inflammation, oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction and increases insulin sensitivity or glucose uptake. Active Curcumin improves overall health and sports performance, and acts on tendonitis, recent joint pain and arthritis.

The benefits of curcumin should encourage anyone who wants to stay healthy, especially athletes, to consume it regularly.

Many scientific studies on turmeric have highlighted various properties and positive effects on health:

  • Antioxidant action comparable to that of the reference antioxidant molecules vitamin C and vitamin E.
  • Anti-inflammatory action identical or even superior to certain anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or aspirin. On the other hand, curcumin does not present any undesirable effects such as stomach aches or digestive problems caused by NSAIDs and aspirin.

Find it here: Curcumin.


In India, China and North Africa, boswell resin has been used for thousands of years. The Egyptians used it for embalming and other purposes. Traditionally, the resin of various species of Boswellia was burnt during religious ceremonies. The smoke from these resins is said to induce a state conducive to meditation, prayer and spiritual experience.

Boswellia resin is part of the official pharmacopoeia of India and China. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine (India) attributes anti-inflammatory properties to it, which are useful for the treatment of rheumatic pain, inflammation of the digestive tract and respiratory tract, as well as various skin conditions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is used to treat rheumatic and menstrual pain as well as bruises and other skin injuries.

Approved as a food additive in the United States, boswellie resin is used in the soap and cosmetics industry. It has long been an important ingredient in oriental perfumes.

Boswell resin is one of the most widely used natural health products today, particularly for patients suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, etc.) or joint diseases (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.). Its effects are mainly due to the boswellic acids, compounds contained in the resin and capable of reducing inflammation. The latter also reduce bronchial constriction, which explains the increasingly widespread use of boswellie in the treatment of asthma.

Find it here: Boswellia.

How to you use it

Use a spoon to mix 15 drops of each G1 and G2 and then put the spoon in your mouth. The liquid should be sipped in the mouth as long as possible. Sublingual intake allows ingredients to reach the bloodstream faster via the thin mucosa. The ingredient must be passed through the liver before it can be swallowed.

No flavors, colors, or alcohol are added. The product is bitter tasting. Curcumin is known to quickly remove any tooth discoloration.

Fyron is probably the best Turmeric and Boswellia supplements! Buy it here: Fyron G1+G2.

Learn more about: Curcumin and Boswellia for Gout

curcuma   boswellia

Home Remedy for Gout

What is Curcumin?

Curcumin is one of the active compounds of Turmeric which is a rhizome native to India, widely used as a spice in Indian cuisine. It is a member of the Zingiberaceae, the same family that ginger.

Its medicinal properties are well-known. In many oriental countries, it is used in traditional ways to obtain their medicinal benefits. Science has long recognized the many benefits of curcuminoids, the active molecules in turmeric.

Curcumin is believed to reduce inflammation, oxidative stresses and mitochondrial dysfunction. It also increases insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake. Curcumin can be used to improve health and performance in sports, and acts on tendonitis and recent joint pain. We recommand Curcumin in drop: Fyron G1 Curcumin. But you can also find: Turmeric capsules.

What is Boswellia?

Boswellia, a native to Asia and Africa, is rich in natural active substances that make it an excellent choice for active plants. Its anti-inflammatory properties are especially appreciated in Ayurveda to treat articular pains. Boswellia serrata extract is a particularly effective treatment for joint pain. It can also be used to treat skin, digestive and respiratory inflammations. It even has anti-cancer properties.

There are approximately twenty varieties of boswellia. They all share similar therapeutic properties mainly because they contain the same amount of boswellic acid. Try this one: Fyron G2 Boswellia.

What is curcumin and Boswellia good for?

There are promising new natural molecules for relieving painful joints, such as boswellia and cucurmin. These plant extracts, which have been used for thousands of years, are now of great interest to the global scientific community.Turmeric is well known to foodies as one of the spices in curry. This ingredient has also been used in traditional Indian medicine for 4000 years. In recent years, international scientific research has shown increasing interest in the study of curcumin - the active ingredient in turmeric. The concentrations of cucurmin studied are much higher than those of food spices, which do not have a cucurmin titration. The soothing and antioxidant properties of curcumin are beneficial to many body functions, particularly the digestive system, brain and joints. This ingredient, which has been used for four millennia, is now described as probably one of the most promising natural treatments of our century! Its combination with boswellic is even more powerful!Boswellia is a tree native to Africa and Asia that produces an aromatic resin whose therapeutic virtues have also been used traditionally for thousands of years. It has been traced back to ancient Egypt where it was used for embalming. In China and India, it is part of the official pharmacopoeia as a medicinal plant. It is used for many purposes, such as incense making, meditation in religious ceremonies and anti-inflammatory.Boswellia resin naturally contains between 5% and 10% essential oil. Rich in boswellic acids, the molecules at the origin of its virtues, it is reputed for its capacity to support the immune system as well as to regulate the production of certain white blood cells (lymphocytes in particular), certain antibodies and contributes to reducing inflammation by having an inhibiting power on pro-inflammatory cytokines.There are different varieties of boswellia, the species Boswellia Serrata being the best known. All boswellia species have similar beneficial effects.

Boswellia or turmeric for inflammation?

There are many botanical extracts supported by science that can reduce inflammation. Boswellia or turmeric are some of the most studied and effective options. Turmeric and Boswellia benefits are many.

Turmeric is a spice derived from the root of Curcuma longa, a member of the ginger family, found in curries and has the most medicinal properties. Curcumin is the active ingredient of Turmeric. Many studies demonstrate the anti-inflammatory effect of curcumin but what sets it apart is that it blocks inflammation at several levels, including directly at the DNA, preventing the creation of more inflammatory signals.

The problem is that curcumin is very poorly absorbed so a fat-soluble extract is needed to maximise absorption. What is needed is a specific curcumin extract that has high absorption compared to standard extracts, a curcumin superior in terms of absorption and bioavailability that delivers free curcumin to the target sites of inflammation. This high composition not only increases its level in the bloodstream compared to standard curcumin extracts but also allows the anti-inflammatory action to occur rapidly.

Frankincense is a Boswellia resin extract that also reduces multiple inflammatory pathways without causing cartilage damage. A number of human clinical trials have shown that boswellia extract was able to improve range of motion and joint function with the same effectiveness as specific non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

What makes boswellia unique is that it also has an affinity for inflammatory pathways in the digestive system and lungs, which can improve conditions such as asthma and inflammatory bowel disease. Like curcumin, boswellia is a fat-soluble substance that is best absorbed in combination with a fat source so look for an oil-based formulation to improve absorption.

Can you take Boswellia with Curcumin?

We often hear that turmeric and boswellia are good for health. Indeed, both plant extracts help to keep your joints supple.

Growing old has many advantages, but unfortunately our joints only see the aging process. Their mobility decreases and they become less flexible. Athletes or people who practice the same activity for a long time can even make their joints more sensitive at a younger age. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric and boswellia, has been used for thousands of years. Both help to keep joints supple.

By drying and finely grinding the turmeric root, a yellow powder is obtained, which is often used in dishes as a seasoning and to give the yellow colour to curry. But it is actually the active ingredient curcumin in turmeric that provides many health benefits. It is therefore this substance, albeit in a concentrated and optimised form, that forms the basis of many turmeric supplements.

You will therefore experience few health benefits by simply adding a lot of turmeric to your dishes. Fresh turmeric will also have little effect.

Moreover, you would have to take in 1 kilo of turmeric powder to get the same effect as one capsule of concentrated curcumin. Not possible. So make sure you choose a food supplement based on curcumin, the most active ingredient in Curcuma Longa.

When curcumin is combined with another powerful extract such as Boswellia Serrata, the effect of both extracts will be enhanced because they have a synergistic effect with each other. This makes a food supplement containing both extracts even more powerful.

The combination of turmeric and boswellia, found in FYRON G1 + G2 capsules, is powerful and natural. Those curcumin and boswellia supplements are worth a try!

Which is better for inflammation Turmeric or Boswellia?

Both are traditionally used to relieve joint pain. However, their effectiveness was tested more scientifically last year. Researchers recruited 60 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee: 30 of them received a preparation of 500 mg turmeric and an extract containing 37.5% boswellic acid, 15 received a placebo and the remaining 15 served as a control group.

The patients assigned to the preparation had to take it every eight hours after meals. After one month, they were able to walk longer distances without pain. After two months, they reported an overall reduction in pain. And after three months, there was a reduction in the accumulation of fluid in their joints. In comparison, patients treated with a placebo showed no improvement. A blood test of the patients who took the preparation also revealed a reduced amount of substances associated with inflammation.

Which is better for joint pain turmeric or boswellia?

The resin of the frankincense tree (Boswellia serrata) has been used for centuries as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. Until the 20th century, pure incense was as expensive as gold. This resin contains substances that keep joints supple and cartilage healthy. What are these substances? Boswellic acids, of which AKBA is the most effective.

Boswellia resin is also one of the most widely used natural health products today, especially for patients suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases (Intestinal permeability, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis) or joint diseases (rheumatoid arthritis).

Boswellic acids increase the resistance of the gastric mucosa and the local stimulation of the synthesis of cytoprotective prostaglandins. This reaction would thus inhibit the production of mediators in the inflammatory reaction, called leukotrienes.

Its effects are mainly due to boswellic acids, compounds contained in the resin that are capable of reducing inflammation. The latter also reduce bronchial constriction which explains the increasingly widespread use of boswellie in the treatment of asthma.

Finally, if boswellia is for us the best natural anti-inflammatory, it is because this resin, in addition to reducing inflammation, also has an analgesic effect, which relieves the pain often associated with inflammatory disorders.

On the other hand, turmeric, the slightly bitter yellow spice that colours and flavours Indian dishes, is one of the most versatile and effective natural anti-inflammatories in herbal medicine?

Indeed, curcumin, the active ingredient in the turmeric rhizome, has received particular attention for its multiple health benefits, and appears to act primarily through its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant mechanisms. Research suggests that curcumin may help in the management of oxidative and inflammatory conditions, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, anxiety and hyperlipidaemia. It can also help manage inflammation and exercise-induced muscle soreness, improving recovery and sports performance in active people. Turmeric also helps with other inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis, gingivitis, tendonitis and sciatica.

Both Boswellia Serrata and curcumin have been extensively researched and found to be similar in pain management.

Can you take boswellia and turmeric together?

Both turmeric (curcuminoids) and boswellia (AKBA) can be used on a long-term basis - also as an alternative for the most sensitive stomachs - and are both particularly effective. Turmeric and boswellia reinforce each other's effectiveness. This is why their combination is so beneficial for supple muscles and joints.Boswellia is the new superfood that further enhances the anti-inflammatory action of turmeric. Turmeric and boswellia also help to keep joint cartilage healthy!A study that involved 220 people with osteoarthritis aged 38 to 77 found that curcumin combined with Boswellic acids was even more effective in reducing joint pain and improving physical function. Both active compounds from the plants "work through multiple mechanisms rather than targeting one enzyme or receptor."Many supplement formulas contain equal amounts of each ingredient. You can also purchase individual supplements of Boswellia Serrata and Curcumin to get the right dosage you need. Curcumin and boswellia side effects have not been reported.Curcumin Drops Boswellia Drops

What is gout?

Gout is the most severe type of arthritis. It causes extreme pain and discomfort. Gout usually begins in the big toe, and then spreads to other joints. Gout can cause irreversible damage to the kidneys and joints if it is not treated.

What causes gout?

Gout is caused when the body has high levels of uric acid. This crystallizes and settles in the joints. The body produces uric acid, but it can also be obtained from certain foods. It tends to stay in your system longer in obese individuals, which gives it more time crystallize and make its way into connective tissue.

How to get gout relief?

There are many options for gout relief, from the gout diet to home remedies for gout. These include supplements, exercise and gout diet. Supplements can be used to relieve pain and combat the effects of gout.

Gout treatment options include fish oil, ginger and turmeric. These supplements can be used to reduce inflammation, which in turn provides relief from gout symptoms and pain.

Is gout linked to body weight?

Gout treatment can be linked to weight management and exercise. People who are healthy eat more, exercise more, and have less uric acid in their system.

Yoga and water aerobics are the most popular exercises for people suffering from gout symptoms. These two types of exercise are, like all forms of arthritis in general, easier on the joints.

What does a gout diet include?

Gout diets involve increasing fresh fruits and vegetables while drastically reducing or eliminating foods high in purines. Purines can be found in many types of red meat, seafood, and other foods such as turkey, yeast, and bacon.

These foods can cause a spike in uric acid which can lead to gout episodes and worsening symptoms.

How to naturally relieve gout symptoms?

Gout symptoms relief can be found in cherries due to their natural anti-inflammatory properties. Cherry juice is the most effective, but you can also get relief from gout symptoms by drinking fresh or dried cherries. Gout symptoms can also be relieved by other arthritic treatments like acupuncture and meditation.

What to know about gout natural remedies?

Gout home remedies are becoming a popular topic of conversation due to the increasing number of cases being diagnosed. Gout home remedies are a natural alternative to prescriptions. Many people avoid the doctor-prescribed medications for gout and prefer to use natural methods.

Every gout sufferer has a story to tell about the home remedies that helped them relieve the main cause of gout.

What is a popular home remedy for gout?

This gout home remedy recommends eating cold water fish like mackerel, herring, sardines and sardines to get the essential omega 3 vitamins. These vitamins are great for helping reduce inflammation in joints and tendon. Fish oil capsules are an alternative if you don't like fish.

Why is quercitin good for combating gout?

Quercitin, also known as an anti-inflammatory natural drug, can be used to reduce the pain of gout. Quercitin home remedies require that you eat lots of Quercitin-rich foods, such as tomatoes, green vegetables, fruits, and apples. Quercitin can be purchased in capsules, just like fish oil. 

Why to consume more cayenne pepper if you suffer from gout?

Cayenne Pepper is well-known for its many health benefits. It also has the ability to reduce inflammation caused by gout.

Gout home remedies typically recommend using Cayenne Pepper and vinegar to make a topical treatment. Once it has cooled, apply it to the affected area.

Can turmeric combat gout pain?

Turmeric is a spice that has been used for centuries in India and China to reduce inflammation caused by diseases like gout. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can be obtained by simply adding it to your regular meals. 



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