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How can Fruits help to mantain Good Health?

There is life, and fruit, and there is hope. Nine hundred and ninety nine out of every thousand healers will have to accept this truth. Although many people have heard of the “grape cure” to over-feeding and the “lemon cure for rheumatism”, these “cures” are largely just names. It is still amazing to the uninitiated how much fruit can be eaten if you give up all other food types. This should not be done in a reckless or random manner. Too abrupt changes in habits can cause patient to lose patience, abandon treatment and make it difficult to continue with the treatment. The “grape cure” is a method where patients start by eating one pound of grapes per day. This quantity is gradually increased until the patient can eat six pounds.

Grape Treatment

The patient is forced to eat only grapes as the amount of ordinary food decreases. Although I have never visited a “grape treatment” centre, I have read that not only are those suffering from over-feeding able to find relief in the “grape remedy,” but that the grape cure also helps consumptive patients who thrive and gain weight. A few years ago, the Herald of Health reported that South French patients who are subject to the “grape cure,” are given grapes only and grow strong and healthy in a year or so. I have personally experienced miraculous cures for cancer, tumours, gout, eczema and other inflammatory conditions.

Artificial fruit salts and drugs cannot be used to treat headaches, constipation, and other symptoms that can result from the slow action of the bowels or liver. Despite the fact that they may have the same chemical composition, salts and acids in organized forms have very different effects than those found in the laboratory. Although a chemist can make “fruit juice”, he is not able to produce the actual fruit. He is always inaccessible to the mysterious life force. Fruit is vital food. It provides the body with something more than the elements that the chemist can analyze. The vegetable kingdom has the ability to directly use minerals. They are only suitable for human consumption in this “live” form.

Let’s see…

We violate the Nature decree that the animal kingdom must eat the vegetable, and the mineral upon the vegetable. Fruit is a food. The majority of English-speaking people used to view fruit as a sweetmeat. They were meant to be enjoyed as a pleasure food and not as a food. It has been removed from its rightful place at meals’ beginning. Fruit is not a “goody”, it is a food and a complete food. All vegetable foods, in their natural state, contain all the necessary elements to make a complete food.

Any one of these foods could be sufficient to sustain human life in a pinch. I say “at the pinch” because if nuts, pulses, and cereals were removed from the diet, most people would be deficient in fats and protein (the flesh- and muscle-forming elements). However, fruits can be eaten in large quantities and require little energy to sustain life. This is the “grape cure”. Grapes contain a high percentage of proteid, which is a particularly good thing for fruit. People who want to adopt a fruitarian diet should consult O. Hashnu Hara (an American writer).

Fruit Diet

Obesity is a common problem for both men and women around the world. Switching to a fruit diet can help you lose weight in a healthy way. Fruits can be enjoyed instead of high-calorie desserts, cookies, cakes, and chocolates. Instead of eating a fried apple pie, you can enjoy fresh apples as a snack. Keep some fruits in your bag so you can snack on them when you feel low energy. You can achieve amazing results with a fruit diet. They can help you eliminate toxins and relieve respiratory problems. They help to eliminate toxic compounds and wastes from the body and give you a feeling of complete energy and refreshment.

Because fruits are plentiful in summer, this is a great season to begin a fruit diet. However, it is advisable to continue a fruit diet throughout the year, especially during winter, as your body tends accumulate more toxins. Toxins can drain your energy and cause many health problems. All of these issues can be solved by adding fruits to your diet. Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers. They are low in calories. To eliminate severe health problems such as gallstones, gout and digestive problems, you can eat longer fruit diets.

Healthy Weight

You can maintain a healthy weight by adding fruits to your diet. Certain types of cancer, strokes, and heart disease can be reduced by eating fruits. They are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. You can reap significant benefits by choosing the right combination of fruits. Apples are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C. To get this essential nutrient, you can add strawberries to your fruit diet. You can include more fruits to your fruit diet. This will help you get rid of the boredom that comes with eating only fruits. You can make your fruit intake more interesting by including different colors. You can vary the combinations of fruits in your diet. Instead of eating only bananas and apples every day, add delicious fruits like mangoes to your diet.

Try adding at most one new fruit per week. It is best to not mix watermelon and other fruits. It is important to not combine fresh and dried fruits in the same dish. It is important that you chew the fruits slowly. Fruits are easier to digest than other diets, so you can eat fruit diets whenever you feel hungry. If you are a long-term user of drugs or have a habit of drinking alcohol, a fruit diet can provide significant benefits. Fruit breakfast and fruit lunch can help reduce the amount of toxins in the body that have been accumulated from alcohol or drugs. Sliced bananas with a few blueberries are a good option. Or, you can make a fresh fruit salad. A fruit diet can help improve your overall health. Antioxidants in fruits slow down the aging process. Your skin will remain soft and supple no matter what age. They also protect your skin from sunburns.


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