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How to get Knee Pain Relief?

You are not the only one suffering from knee pain. According to statistics, almost one third of Americans over 45 experience pain in their knees. It is also a common reason people visit their doctor or go to the emergency room to get treatment. There are many reasons why people experience knee pain. Excessive body weight: Keep your weight within the healthy range for your age and height. Obesity or being overweight can cause increased stress to your knee joints. This is true even when you are doing daily activities like walking, climbing or descending stairs. Being overweight can increase your risk of developing osteoarthritis. It causes your knee joints to become less cartilage.


Overuse can cause excessive loading stress. This means that any activity or repetitive activity can fatigue your knee joints and eventually lead to knee pain. This can trigger an inflammation response that can cause tissue irritation around your knee joint. You will need to support your knee and allow your knee to heal. If the microdamage continues to cause pain to your knee, there may be a bigger problem. The recovery time should be considered as important as the repetitive tasks that you place on your knee. A lack of muscular control: A gait deviation caused by an abnormal movement pattern could lead to a knee injury.

You must be able to support your body properly in movements like squatting or stepping down from any height. Also, mechanical problems: Your knee’s structural integrity is important. A leg length discrepancy can lead to an inequal height between your knees. One knee may be more heavy than the other.

Mechanical Problem

You may also have a mechanical problem where your knee cap is slipping to one side. A knee brace can stabilize your knee cap and allow you to bend and straighten the knee. Age: Some knee conditions are more common in younger people. Osgood-Schlatter Disease and patellar tendinitis are two examples of knee pain that is common in younger individuals.

Gout, osteoarthritis and a host of other conditions are more likely to cause pain in older people. Data shows that sex seems to be a factor. An ACL tear or dislocation patella is more common in teenage girls than in boys. Boys, on the other side, are more likely to experience pain from Osgood-Schlatter and patellar tendinitis. The knee may need additional support to stabilize the knee and reduce pain. If you have knee pain, don’t forget to use knee braces. There are many options depending on the type of knee pain you are experiencing. Do not regret what you could have done.

Mind Body Balance

The balance between the mind & body is key to a healthy lifestyle, even in the face of chronic pain. As a child, I was involved in karate and kickboxing. I also did stupid things like jump off roofs for kicks and fall off trucks, trucks, and trailers while working in Kern County’s farms. My doctor told me that my arthritic pains were caused by the repetitive pounding of my body while I jogged on pavement streets. After reading “The Joy of Running” by Jim Fixx in the mid-1970s, I began this exercise program to maintain my good health. It’s amazing. Except for a bout of gout (I was a poet, and I didn’t know it), which was the most painful moment in my life up until then, and the various short-term sprains that followed, my body and legs held up quite well.

Around the time I turned 50, the stiffness I had been enduring for the past ten years began to change. I started feeling aches, pains, and burns in my joints. It was gradual and not immediate. It affected my right instep and ankles, knees and lower back. It was worse on cold, wet days and non-existent on warm, sunny mornings. I have been a martial artist since 1972 and was able to learn qigong, tai chi while I trained in San Francisco Chinatown and the Bay Area. It took me three years to learn, and approximately a month to forget. I then decided to return to karate and kickboxing as well as long distance running. I didn’t know that I would be able to return to ancient Chinese exercises 30 years later.

Let’s see…

Who would have thought that I was being punished on a football field weighing in at 126 lbs? As a child of the Woodstock Generation, synthetic substances were not good for the body. Even medical Marijuana is more effective (to some people “way better”) than the stuff we get from a pharmacy. I only took the NSAIDs and acetaminophen when the pain was too severe. I discovered that blockages in the meridians can lead to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. These are the places in our bodies where chi, or our life’s energy or forces flow throughout our body. These blockages can be cleared by energy cultivation exercises such as qigong and tai-chi. This will help to alleviate the symptoms of many illnesses.

Some claim they can be cured. I was so fortunate to have been trained in these techniques. With the help of many books and the internet, I was able learn the ancient movements that allowed me to move around almost pain-free. I decided to continue working until my death, despite the fact that Medicare will soon cease to exist. I also wanted to be strong and healthy enough to live many more years. My father was a farmer laborer and worked until he died. As a former Bruce Lee-like (well, I thought so) who became a cripple trying to live in pain, it was difficult to realize that there were other options available. Let’s face it, some people grow old while experiencing pain.


It’s not possible to live life complaining about it. We have the ability to deal with it and move on with our lives. I’m sure that you have a lot to live. So, I discovered that diet, exercise, rest, and stress relief are key to living a healthy lifestyle. There are many low-impact exercises that can be done, including yoga, Pilates, ballroom dancing, diet changes, homeopathic and herb remedies, acupuncture and massage, mental and spirituel reflection, guided imagery, and acupuncture. This is an old Baby Boomer Sensei whose only qualification are his years on the planet. I am not a spiritual leader, doctor, or expert (well, I am a buyer for a manufacturer, and I think that I am pretty darn good at it). I am however a karate sensei, and a martial artist who has picked up some useful mind-body balance ideas.


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