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How can I beat Obesity?

Obesity is a growing problem in our society, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better over the next few years. The majority of Western cultures seem to be growing larger despite the fact that the world is becoming more aware of the dangers of obesity. It could be that fast food has become an accepted part of many peoples’ diets. Or it could be that children spend less time outside playing computer / console games. But in reality, it’s a combination of many things. One thing is certain, however: we must act quickly for the good of our children’s health and our own health. Although it is easy to give in to temptation, junk food advertising on television is an accepted part and parcel of our daily lives.


However, guidelines have been established to limit the advertising of these products to children. For example, the offer of a burger or a toy at a fast-food restaurant. In Great Britain, around one in four children is now obese. The figures for America are even worse. The government can and must do more in order to curb obesity. Many cultures are more supportive (to varying degrees), of obesity, including those from Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Islands. We should also consider childhood obesity a public health problem and take immediate action. Because of the abundance of food and the inability to exercise, obesity is on the rise.

Here’s the problem: the more obese our children get, the less they will exercise. It’s a vicious cycle. Research into child obesity is increasing in number. For example, it is linked to factors like the school run and the current high levels. Simple things like walking with your child to school can make a huge difference in a child’s health. Walking for 20 minutes at 3 mph per hour can help you burn 75 calories. It’s not that impressive until you consider how many calories that can be burned over the course of a year. That’s approximately 1500 calories per month. Obesity is caused by eating more calories than you burn in exercise and daily activities.

Stomach Capacity

What do stomach capacity, uric acids and lemons have in commun? They are the cause, effect, and remedy for many of today’s most common illnesses and diseases. Let’s briefly examine the concept of cause and effect from a unique perspective. This perspective can be illustrated by driving in all weather conditions and not taking the time to maintain your car, only to suddenly notice that it has started to deteriorate. This should not be surprising. North America is blessed with a bounty of food. However, blessings can turn into curses if they are not used properly. It is almost impossible to order a large plate of food from a restaurant today.

Are these large food portions healthy? Many experts believe that obesity is linked to poor food choices. We are then told that it is not what you eat but how much. Others believe that it is what you eat that is causing our problems. Who are we to believe? Each person’s stomach capacity is different. There are no clones that all measure the same height or weight. One person’s ideal height and weight might be too high or too low for another. Compare a 7-foot basketball player to a 5′ petite female. Could they eat the same amount? Possibly. Is it reasonable to expect them to eat the same amount of food? Let’s do a little exercise together to determine how much food we should eat at each meal. Now, join your palms together and form a ball. Take a moment and carefully assess the size. Is this surprising to you? How can this be?

Makan berlebihan

Volumes exceeding these levels will now be considered excess and must be stored. Even though the amount you store daily may be small, they will accumulate over time. Overeating and eating too much meat are two ways that uric acid is made in the body. A majority of the chronic diseases that we see in our society today are caused by an accumulation of uric acids. Although uric acid is not normally found in the blood, it can build up to a gel-like substance, which can clog blood vessels. Poor circulation can cause problems in the legs and feet, as well as in other areas of the body. Are you suffering from poor circulation? These blockages can harden into crystal- or salt-like deposits that can build up in our bones, and muscles.

How can we stop this from happening? Regular lemon juice consumption is the best way to get rid of excess toxic uric acids. Lemon juice is high in vitamin C, microelements, and hormones. These same insoluble salts, and slime that are produced by uric acid buildup, can be cleansed with lemon juice’s cleansing properties. Lemon juice contains chemical compounds that are especially effective in managing infectious diseases, such as the common cold and viruses. Lemon juice changes quickly under the influence of sunlight and air, so you will need a fresh batch every time.


Lemon juice, as mentioned, is high in vitamin C. It can be destroyed by sunlight, sunlight, or cooking. Lemon juice pre-packaged in bottled form will not have the same effect when ingested fresh every time. You might wonder if lemons can upset your stomach because they are so tart. You might even wonder if honey can be added to make it go down. You might be wrong. You don’t have to like what you taste on your tongue to cause damage or irritation to your stomach lining. The juice of a lemon is not as acidic than the acids that are found in our stomachs during the digestion process. Lemon juice therapy is often beneficial for those suffering from gastritis or ulceration.


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