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How to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Rheumatoid-arthritis is not curable. The goal of treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis is to reduce joint inflammation, pain, maximize joint function, prevent joint destruction, and deformity. Early intervention is key to reducing chronic joint inflammation and soft tissue swelling. A comprehensive treatment program is necessary to provide optimal care. This disease affects the peripheral joints, such as the hands, feet, wrists and knees. It also affects the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments. It can also affect internal organs such as the heart and lungs. An autoimmune disease is when your body’s immune system attacks the tissues. This can lead to joint destruction, functional disability, decreased quality of living, and even permanent disability.

Arthritis Types

There are many types arthritis. Gout is one of the most common types. Different types of arthritis can affect different parts of the body. The body’s general reaction to inflammation or swelling is, as we have already mentioned, inflammation. All the body’s protective blood cells rush to the area to fight the problem. They remove damaged cells and heal the injured tissues. After the treatment has won the war against the cause, inflammation disappears and the area returns to its normal size and color. Long-term smoking is a major risk factor for rheumatoid.

  • Stress: People with the disease are more likely to experience stressful life events within the six months prior to onset than the general population.
  • Genetics: The increased risk of developing the disease is associated with HLA-DR4, a genetic marker. Ethnicity can affect all races and ethnicities. Environment: The disease is not caused by any specific environmental factor.
  • Diet: The disease is not caused by a specific diet or food. Infection: The disease is not caused by a specific infection. According to current theories, a person with rheumatoid-associated genetic predispositions encounters an infection, toxin, or chemical that triggers an abnormal immune response. This causes an autoimmune process. The disease is caused by white blood cells attacking the lining of the joint.

Natural Healing

Natural healing and natural treatment are available to relieve the pain caused by the disease. It is a good idea to remove acidity from your blood in order to reach an alkaline level. A high ph level is a good thing. The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm found that people who consume five glasses of wine per week have a half-off chance of developing rheumatoid artifiid. Rheumatoid-related arthritis is a condition that affects approximately 2.1 million Americans. It is currently found in 1% of Americans.

Each 10,000 people is affected by 3 new cases each year. The disease usually begins between the ages 25 and 50. Peak onset occurs between 35 and 50. It is more common in women than in men, and it is 4 times more common among smokers than in non-smokers. It is possible for one twin to develop it. You deserve a better quality of life and less pain. Natural products can be used to treat rheumatoidarthritis and can help relieve your pain.

Herbal Remedies

Arthritis refers to chronic inflammation of the joints. Initial symptoms can be severe and may cause some joint deformities. The patient is still left with a disability and weakening. This disease is most common in the elderly. It causes inflammation of the bones and joints. There are more than 150 types of arthritis. In all cases, the bones and joints are affected. Gout, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid are the most common types of arthritis. Arthritis is most commonly caused by cold, damp, severe jolts, trauma from an accident, or falls. This terrible disease can also be caused by other factors. Joint instability is another factor.

An excessive amount of weight, or intense physical activity can lead to a recurring or severe joint injury. This disease can also be caused by sports like basketball and athletics. Another cause is the hormone factor. This factor is more common in women than in men. This is because women experience serious hormonal changes after menopause. When it comes to arthritis, the environment is very important. People who live in damp environments are more susceptible to this type of disease.


Stress is another factor. Stress can cause the immune system to weaken and arthritis can develop. Stress can cause this disease by affecting the hormonal balance. Other factors include psychological factors, food allergy, nutrient deficiency, and other factors. Some herbs that have been used to treat arthritis include Rosemary, Juniper, Dilute Garlic and Sassafras. Lavender, Thyme and Sassafras. These oils can be mixed with olive oil and used for massage of the affected joints. Mix 1 part Juniper oil or Sassafras oil to 10 parts olive oil and massage the affected joints gently. You can also use hot vinegar to provide immediate relief.

Before going to bed, rub the aching joints with hot vinegar. The diuretic properties of dandelion leaves can increase the kidney output. Dandelion roots are mild laxative and liver tonic that can improve bowel movement and prevent arthritis. Essential oils such as Lemon, Juniper, and Cypress have tissue-cleansing qualities and are used to increase circulation around affected joints. Chamomile and Rosemary are used often in arthritis treatments due to their anti-inflammatory, analgesic and pain relieving properties.

Do This!

Mix four pieces of garlic, along with 2 grams of Sprague, and dip them into 30 grams of mustard. You can massage your joints daily by slowly hitting them. Mix 10 grams of camphor and 200 gram mustard oil in a glass bottle. The bottle should be sealed with a tight cork. Massage the joints daily after the camphor has disintegrated. To reduce the effects of rheumatoid, you can also use 6-50g of fresh or powdered ginger. You can also use Epsom salt in your bathing water. Omega-3 fatty acids are also helpful in this situation. Joint inflammation can be reduced by 10 grams of Omega-3 fatty acids daily. Castor oil can also be used to massage the aching joist.


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